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Is rupert grint dating anyone 2016

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In an attempt to win back Lily's affections, Snape joined the Death Eaters along with a group of his fellow Slytherins.

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Despite the opinions of most others including Harry during his early life, Albus Dumbledore trusted Snape for reasons that were kept between them both until their deaths.This lack of care largely shaped Severus's bitter disposition and cruel behaviour later in his life.Severus grew up at Spinner's End, a shabby suburb of Cokeworth.His double life played a very important role in both of the Wizarding Wars against Voldemort.The only child and son of Muggle lowlife Tobias Snape and Gobstones witch Eileen Snape , Severus was raised in the Muggle dwelling of Spinner's End, which was in close proximity to the home of the Evans family, though in a poorer area.This led him to victimise James's son Harry as a student when he was a professor.

Snape when young developed a passion for the Dark Arts, which increased as his desire for revenge grew stronger.

Snape became involved with the bullies in Slytherin House, many who were pure-blood supremacists.

This put his friendship with Lily, a Muggle-born, under great strain, until it was eventually broken in their fifth year.

After watching her for some time, Severus noticed her evident magical abilities and began making friendly overtures.

The two bonded quickly and it appears that he was very interested in Lily right from the beginning, though she only regarded him as a good friend.

This put him in the same year as Lily but unfortunately for him, in rival houses.