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Intimidating rage imperious command

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A collaborative effort of Talic, your's truly and Solo, who put the whole thing in motion in the first place.Also thanks to Midnight_V and Zendu for their Barbarian information compilation.

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It is strange that we barbarians are considered at odds with order. The great warriors of old did not become the best through study, or focus, or lessons in a training room.Do not underestimate the Barbarian though, for verily, every Barbarian knows how to fight and those Fighter-levels not only teach him literacy, but the secrets of wearing so much steel on you you can barely move! The reason you should never ever make a Barbarian will anyways.-Fast Movement: Because wildmen are faster than the beer bellied!Also, this fuels some Barbarian-feats and makes Archerians happen. You know every Barbarian ever has huge chest muscles! But no, youre your own man and you decide for yourself when you go Bruce Banner. For the savvy hunters who fuel their Rage into lethal determination for swift kills, this is very much worth it.Ferocious Barbarians can even build around this in the melee! Barbarians even gain damage reduction or AC bonus due to their immensity! For the Conan who just battles an army and comes out victorious, this is unnecessary.-Dexterity: Cartoons teach us that agility beats strength. Also, makes you slow to abatewhich is awesome because your anger is your strength!

This is not precisely true, but what is true is that acting fast, dodging blows and in general, gaining extra value out of your HP is great added to immense strength. -Intelligence: Ah yes, the archetype of the stupid Wildman who goes Hulk Smash when you tell him to.

When the march of civilization halts for a breath, it is invariably destroyed by the Barbarian.

So cast off the shackles of your oppression by your laws and lords what makes them better men than you? Renounce the coddling comforts you grew up in and be strong like your forefathers.

However, instead of needling yourself until your skin hardens, you can learn to charge at things even better. From under a mop of unruly black hair smoldered a pair of dangerous blue eyes.

A long sword hung in a leather scabbard at his girdle.

In general, the northerners who worship the wolves have less need for this than those who follow less savage beasts.