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International dating husbands

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In ten years of marriage, my wife and I were blessed with four beautiful children. This is not a recommended course of events, but Divine Providence took me on this unusual path.But the marriage itself was often difficult and painful. Fortunately, my wife and I usually got along pretty well during the time we were divorced and I saw my kids nearly every day. There were times that the hate I had for my wife was so intense that I could never repeat those awful thoughts out loud.

After a while I was usually able to get us back on track with humor, but even my humor eventually stopped working and reconciliation became almost impossible.How many divorced people get the opportunity to be together as a family again?Things were very good and we were very considerate of each other.I now realize that my marriage was lacking true harmony from the very beginning.At the time of the divorce, I did not know about the concept of Shalom Bayit, the uniquely Jewish approach to peace in the home.She was always overreacting, claiming I just didn't "get her." It frustrated me to no end when I heard the words; “You just don’t get me.” Until recently I didn’t know what this meant or how to react when accused of this.

My wife could never understand why I didn’t need the same level of attention that she did. If, for example, I broke something or cut my finger it would anger me when she asked if I was okay.

I would instinctively snap back at her with a sarcastic comment.

She didn’t understand that all she had to do was leave me alone and I’d be fine.

There was always a storm brewing around the corner.

We could go a couple weeks or maybe a month or two when things were relatively smooth, but I always knew it wouldn't last.

More recently our differences in how we felt about and observed Judaism came into play.