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If you39re dating a dancer

if you39re dating a dancer-26

"We're not together," the dancer confirmed to ET Online.

You may be more willing to open up or emote nonverbally. It doesn’t guarantee you’re better in bed but, if you’ve got the moves, it suggests that you are. I don’t care what you think, she thinks dance is manly. It’s machismo by permission: by custom, she lets you be in charge. You’re perceived as competent, confident, aggressive, athletic, a risk-taker and a guy who can think on his feet. A waltz or a rumba with anybody won’t do; she wants to be held and led by a man.If the dance goes well, it makes her look good, she lights up and she feels beautiful. And everybody in the joint wants to dance with her. Many people enjoy social dancing and it’s not a stretch to see that women like it more than men.Partner dancing plays to a woman’s strength: it’s emotional, artistic and collaborative. Hiking together is fun too, but it’s not much of a collaboration. She wants a willing partner; begging you to dance is a drag (and whining about your dislike of dance is unattractive).You’re a better trophy on her arm than the man who can’t dance. You’ll know more about a person after three minutes of dancing compared to three minutes of conversation.(You’ll both learn stuff, but women learn quicker.) And just the notion that a guy is a dancer suggests some things, whether they’re true or not.But seriously, dance is a great set up for guys too and you should appreciate the opportunity to dance with a woman.

If you dance well or dance better than most—which isn’t hard because most guys suck at it—you’ve got an edge.

If you did that in any other venue, you’d be slapped, thrown out or arrested. There’s that old yarn…something about the way you behave and perform on the dance floor equals the way you do it in bed. Or perhaps they just like to salsa and swing dance, like we enjoy baseball, and they’re tired of begging us to dance. Let’s look at the female psyche and see what’s up: 1) Partner dancing is a skill. She knows you’re attuned to etiquette and you’re practiced in the traditional arts of how to treat a lady.

Any skill, in the eyes of a woman, is better than no skill. She likes that you fit in and that she can take you to social events.

As Shakira says, hips don't lie, and if he can move those hips beautifully while clothed and standing up, I would like you to imagine the possibilities of your future…

"interactions." I'm not saying that people can't be good in the bedroom outside of dancing- of course there are other factors that can make non-dancers great in bed.

Everyones taste is different so I'm not knocking any genres of music here.