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I church dating site reviews

Despite it’s good intentions, fusion has suffered many things over 15 years, including failed attempts to overload the site and bring down the server, failed attempts to hack the site, an entire section of the content – 100’s of pages of it’s website articles duplicated and put op on a competitor domain that linked to one of the main stream dating sites (this was a common practice to get other people’s traffic in the early days of SEO and – the place where these articles then pointed – probably did not even know what their SEO company had done most likely – either way the site was taken down when Fusion101 complained to Yahoo/Google etc), also the site has had attempted and failed hijacks by web developers keen to get their hands on the service.

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Christian Cafe has been around since 1999, and it has been the Christian dating site of choice for millions of Christian singles worldwide.You will be asked about race, sexual orientation, body type and marital status, but those are optional.They have three membership types: Standard, Silver and Gold. Members join to look for fellowship, support, advice and laughs through group conversation on the site.Christian Cafe accommodates young singles as well as those who are divorced and widowed (yes, even seniors).Christians trust Christian in helping them to meet others who share their faith and value system.You are advised to not join the site if you are still legally married.

The profile questions include general questions about your appearance, whether you have children or want children.

To sign up your email address and a username are required.

They only accept 3 profile types (single-never been married, divorced, widowed).

They offer just about any type of dating you could imagine and target people from all walks of life whether they are looking for a serious relationship or just a fling.

Some sites are more specific than others in their dating niche while others are less exclusive in their offerings.

So – now that you know the truth about fusion101 – that free in this case really does not mean low quality service or members, as with virtually all other free dating sites that are in fact useless as the profiles are not vetted and most are fake (did you know there are companies that will sell you 20,000 fake profiles for your dating site!? Fusion101 is – indeed – it was created to help church singles – not fleece the flock.