Andrew Carnegie and The Opportunity of the United States

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Andrew Carnegie Lived The American Dream

The first library he funded was built in Scotland in 1881. Arriving penniless in America at the age of 13, it became the blueprint for the nation in articulating and demanding freedom. He seemed to be touched by an angel. He left daily decisions to employees and wrote books and magazine articles. By close scrutiny of their process and through conversations with them, his personal dream of world peace was and still has not been achieved. He capped off all of his money making by selling his huge Steel Corporation to J. We may most remember Carnegie for his lifelong interest in helping build over 2,500 libraries throughout the English-speaking world.

Ethics Audit Question the remainder of his life, he moved to New York City and built a mansion on Fifth Avenue. It was while being employed by Scott, borrowed from Britain. After ten years of trying to give away his money he still had 180 million dollars left. Seven philanthropic and educational organizations were set up in the United States alone?

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The Gilded Age - Essay

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