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L L\» lie Ji Rf Piiiiiii iiiiiri niiii Consumer H o^^^^(0j^41 i SYSTEM FORMAT PRICE ' Spectrum Cassette £7,99 Spectrum Disc El 2.99 Amstrad/Schneider Cassette E9.99 Am stf ad/Sc h n ei der Disc £14.99 Commodore 64 Cassette £9,99 Commodore 64 Disc £11.99 Atari ST £19.99 Hffffte Svstems irmltfid Pa.«t Ar HM k.

® Spectrum C^SMtte £7.95 re^ecomjoft fint Floor, S4-7SNtw Oxfortt St Lt^don Wa A IK.Lots of colourful pictures and criti cat comment from the cou ntry 's top arcade players. In our first umipjriy profile we take ■ look vi the US-based compannr. I feal th« rwed hasanafif^ fof a frestn overview of the proceedmgis The pian-timfl f«vtewirvg learn tlxat was »n operation a few months ago had th&ir indiv Kki Bl ratings ai the tpotiom o1 thedf oofiwn«ri! n WB5 ^en difficuit lo discuss the ratings wven, and (t was ottem fell that &u^ a liar Qe range of rnaiiis was detnmental to the over Bli effect iveofiss of the review The Indpviekial ratings wera thus droppo speoilic fatmg on each Comme At Wed.CRASH vis- aed their Tetbury-based UK hoadquarters to fmd out what MMkes th«m tkh. smos our nfnw full' lirrfe rwvtewktg team is riiow in operatk NTi there should helaw«r problems in co-orchn Hling and cornpanng the»r (e&lmgs towards dtnarani ottme 93 Brampton Rasd. CA3 9AX SIR CLIVE GOES TO OREGON Its marlieling and distnijution q I Sir Orve Snciav's porta Me Z88 computer has been placed frmiy in the hands or an Ai Twican company Obarril M r e Bdt,w Nchistiasedn Portlanelngnw- keted wtlh the enpf'-as Hon the original- tty 0* the produzt r«her than m tema d competftton wth other tsptops.My third go got fne to the f Hth level; the gafrm as a whoie ktn'i H^keiy to take anyone tnoie thai^ two or three hoor^ to complete.One night, a meeting was held between the ancient and wise spirits of the woods.A decision was made to appoint a single person to be responsible for returning the balance to the lands once again by banishing the evil back from where it came.

ft O% CRASH June 1988 11 STREET FIGHTER Producer; GO!

lunatk action and graphks that are simply out of this wortdf fvma H ofdtf please few' your o/t^r mnd rwrntti^nnw f f A^uei ftaymbi* to trlttsh JM^twn pk or #r Kt dtb H from Att*isiy H* ftni by lurjng fmn;!

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lliib Kl«lt about them on page 30 DO IT YOURSELF 32 ACCOLADE GO CRAZY . HOOK LINE AND SINKER i Kd Witaw Piitlihlai hav* ^KMMt P close down ttieir le- mkm Uki M ^mes label PIf Miliai Currend turnover was no!

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