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Honke no yome online dating

They encourage the protagonist and his relationship with Ako, and then the next moment they'll be rubbing their breasts against him or blushing in some pseudo-confession scene. The girls will all bath together, making vaguely homosexual comments about each other and comparing their breast sizes, with huge amounts of steam covering their bodies so that otaku will be manipulated into buying the uncensored Blu Ray version.

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They could just as easily be taken out of the show entirely without it affecting all that much.And the two of them like to imagine themselves a married couple? Marriage is not play-time-- it requires a great deal of compromise and sacrifice, and would crush their childish fantasy as a result.A couple like this would not last more than a few weeks in reality, much less a lifetime.I suppose the one thing that can be said in his favour is that he isn't entirely dense like most other protagonists in the genre, and actually makes an effort to go out and get things done.He could be worse-- he could be, say, Ichika from Infinite Stratos.This is an anime where the protagonist's entire set of friends in an online game just so happen to be attractive (in some cases, popular) girls who, conveniently, attend the exact same high school and know him personally, including a twintailed tsundere and his in-game waifu who immediately clings all over him and proclaims herself his wife, despite not actually knowing anything about who he is in the real-world.

If you were to drop the show immediately after the first episode, I would not blame you, and I would actually suggest you are making the right choice.

That Ako is completely serious about it makes it quite clear that she is a basket-case and that the show has no interest in painting her as an actual person.

She is a collection of silly tropes to throw on a body pillow and sell to otaku.

If it truly wanted to appeal to the audience's nostalgia for these sorts of games, it could have done without the latter.

We don't need to see random online girls having their boobs bouncing against the protagonist's arm. There are some series that leaves an impact on the consumer, whether positive or negative, influencing or degrading, enjoyable or painful.

So forgive me if I do not care when the show tries to make me feel for them (and often, unfortunately, it does).