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Lab Report on Volumetric Determination of Iron with Potassium Permanganate:

These cells may eventually rupture or burst open. But as soon as the entire ferrous ion has been oxidized, the next small portion of added permanganate colors the solution. 02 X 1023 molecules in 1 liter of solution. A solution that has a lower solute concentration than is present in cells is said to be a hypotonic or hypo-osmotic solution. The use of a white background underneath the flask aids in the detecting of the endpoint. Rinse a 25mL buret with three 5mL portions of standard permanganate solution. 02 X 1023 molecules in 1 liter of solution. A solution that has a lower solute concentration than is present in cells is said to be a hypotonic or hypo-osmotic solution. All the reactants and products except permanganate ion are weakly colored, excess water flows into the cells and the cells swell.

The use of a white background underneath the flask aids in the detecting of the endpoint!

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