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The ERLs are now considered a promising candidate for uses as high-power FELs, synchrotron radiation sources, electron cooling devices, electron-ion colliders and Compton X/gamma-ray sources.All these applications are based on the excellent feature of the ERL that is simultaneous attainment of multiple beam parameters: small emittance, short bunch duration and high-average current.

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However, major accelerator upgrades are also being investigated.BEPCII is major upgrades of BEPC (Beijing Electron-Positron Collider).It is a double ring e±e collider as well as a synchrotron radiation (SR) source with its outer ring, or SR ring.Such a source promises dramatically improved brightness and transverse coherence compared to third-generation storage rings, as well as distinctly different temporal properties.The 2007 Long Range Plan for Nuclear Science had as one of its highest recommendations the “construction of a Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) a world-leading facility for the study of nuclear structure, reactions, and astrophysics.The first stage of Novosibirsk high power free electron laser (FEL) is in operation since 2003.

Now the FEL provides average power up to 500 W in the wavelength range 120 - 240 micron.

Construction of the project started in the beginning of 2004.

Installation of the storage ring components completed in October 2007.

One orbit for 11-Me V energy with terahertz FEL lies in vertical plane. The beam is directed to these orbits by switching on of two round magnets.

In this case electrons pass four times through accelerating RF cavities, obtaining 40-Me V energy.

An overview of the design proposed for implementation on the campus of Michigan State University leveraging the existing infrastructure will be presented.