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Now the Mail has traced how these unfortunate children come to Britain.

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Officers said they were growing increasingly concerned for the welfare of the boys, who they believed entered the country illegally.Nearly 90 more have gone missing and were only found after police searches, according to local authority figures published in October.They are the victims of unscrupulous trafficking gangs who smuggle them from Vietnam into the UK for enormous sums, before forcing them to repay their debts by working in the secretive cannabis-growing industry, or prostitution, two-bit restaurants and nail bars found on most High Streets.The industry in this country is largely reliant on Vietnamese child migrants who work night and day in properties turned into cannabis factories.Children have been found in all sorts of places being used to grow cannabis: a redbrick terrace house on a Liverpool suburban road, a rented two-storey home in Plymouth with marijuana plants from cellar to attic, and even a 40-room former underground nuclear bunker in Wiltshire.But when I went inside them in the past two years, they were full of Vietnamese who said everyone had paid a trafficking gang to get to that point, and were prepared to pay £3,000 more each to get to Britain.

Most migrants, whether old or young, in the French holding camps have fled rural poverty in their own country, according to the French charity Terre d’Asile (or Land of Asylum). Traffickers tell children if they try to escape them, they will hurt them, or their family in Vietnam.

Most of the cannabis available in the UK was once imported illegally, but by 2010 most marijuana was home-grown.

Now, criminals are harvesting so much of the stuff that they are exporting it.

The ten boys and three girls (pictured) disappeared ‘one by one’ after being put into care by social workers.

Aged between 14 and 18, they got into Britain illicitly between June and September, and were housed in Northampton and Corby before running away.

'They live [in France] temporarily — between a week and two months — until they are able to get onto a lorry to the UK.’Few expected to be put to work in cannabis farms, and did not believe the warning from the charity that that’s where they would end up — or even worse.