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Polling generally weights the sample to be nationally representative.

A magyar sajtópiacon leginkább a HVG, a Heti Válasz, a 168 Óra, a Magyar Narancs és az Élet és Irodalom tekinthető konkurenciájának.In a further poll published in May, these numbers had changed to 54% and 37% respectively.The Confederation of British Industry reported a survey of 773 of its members, carried out by Com Res.The manufacturers' organisation EEF used the market research organisation Gf K to conduct a survey in late 2015 of 500 senior decision-makers in manufacturing organisations.Of these, 63% wanted the UK to stay in the EU, and 5% wanted it to leave.Opinion polls of voters in general tended to show roughly equal proportions in favour of remaining and leaving.

Polls of business leaders, scientists, and lawyers showed majorities in favour of remaining.

The British Chambers of Commerce surveyed 2,200 business leaders in January and February 2016.

Of these, 60% supported remaining in the EU and 30% supported exit.

Overall, however, online polls seem to have had a better performance than phone polls.

Online surveys, on average, predicted a "leave" win with a 1.2% margin, whereas those with a phone methodology had "remain" win with a 2.6% margin.

Most of the polls shown here were carried out by members of the British Polling Council (BPC) who fully disclose their findings, methodology and the client who commissioned the poll.