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See more » (at around 1h) In the scene where everyone is in white (the white calligraphy brush demonstration scene) there are positioning errors. While Nameless faces them talking, he looks in the opposite directions.See more » ] I was orphaned at a young age and was never given a name. With no family name to live up to, I devoted myself to the sword.

The fights form a consummately sustained crescendo: a contest in a rain-drenched chess arena, daringly conducted mostly in the protagonists' minds, is followed by a frantic battle in an autumnal forest in which the blood-red duellists swoop among an orange blizzard of falling leaves, before Yimou abruptly switches the colour palette to greens and blues as the pair of assassins dance a pas de deux above the glassy waters of a placid lake.It took a lot of patience, waiting for just the right conditions, such as the smooth, silvery lake which only was calm two hours a day.Overall, I didn't think the story was that appealing except for the good message at the end, about the good of all being more important than satisfying one's personal vengeance. As for the rest, perhaps being a Westerner unfamiliar with Eastern culture, it's harder for me to relate to the mind-set.See more » After two viewings, I am still not sure what to make of this film, story-wise.I have no problems exalting praise for the cinematography which, for many people, was the drawing point. I had heard it was the most beautiful film ever made.You've seen a lot, but you've never seen anything like this.

After all that, though, there's a slight but persistent niggle. Despite a surprising - to Western minds at least - subtext in which the security and unifying force of totalitarianism is valued above putative democracy and individual freedom, Hero's central story is as flimsy and soggy as damp rice-paper.

Jet Li reportedly insisted that the role of Sky, which had been tentatively filled by a different actor, be given to Donnie Yen.

Li and Yen had not worked together on a movie since Es war einmal in China 2 (1992).

I have seen this movie 3 times and it still captivates me every time.

In ancient China, before the reign of the first emperor, warring factions throughout the Six Kingdoms plot to assassinate the most powerful ruler, Qin.

An attempt to bolster the simplistic machinations with a multitude of perspectives feels a little forced and even dishonest.