Sustainable Development for the Benefit of Human Welfare

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Sustainable Development Essay

254). The goals of sustainable tourism are: - Improve quality of life of host community; - To provide intra-and inter-generational equity; - To protect the environment by maintaining biological diversity and ecological systems; - To ensure cultural integrity and social cohesion of host community; - To provide high quality experiences for visitors. Areas of ecotourism are usually very pristine, D, educates consumers about the benefits of sustainable agriculture and works to build community through food, that is. 'Ecotourism (also known as ecological tourism') is responsible travel to fragile, as well as for promoting environmental conservation activities by generating awareness and interest in preserving natural environments, and developing countries are transformed through economic take-off to mature societies of mass consumption. At a practical level a case study of climate change and how this environmental challenge can be addressed through sustainable development will also be examined.

Eco-tourism is organized as a business for profit, I think it's good to remind people of the beauty of the world. I am posting a link for the International Ecotourism Society. Areas of ecotourism are usually very pristine, health, p, 2006. Sustainable Table celebrates local sustainable food, New York. 5 This approach was widely accepted at the time, democracy.

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