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Wow, to think I heard Thin Lizzy in the early days without even realizing it. Thanks to the advert above sent to me by Eric Hansen from power Windows, I now know that it was in fact Steve Marriott and his Allstars who were the other act on this bill. They didn't even turn down the house lights while they played and they were booed off stage. It was the Boys as the first warm up band and the lights were on as Douglas said.

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Y., will play such monolithic favorites as "Harvester of Eyes," "Dominance and Submission" and "Buck's Boogie." Most of the Cult's songs are about outer space and other science fiction related topics. May 1976 saw the release of "Agents of Fortune" containing a little ditty by the name of "(Don't Fear) the Reaper".DFTR has become BOC's signature song - it's their hit - despite never reaching higher than no 12 or whatever it was in the charts.Once again, I owe a big debt to Peter Nielsen of the and Bert Gangl for their invaluable assistance with a number of gigs on this page.Thanks also go to Art Liming for help uncovering some new gigs. Reviews, missing info, comments, ticket stub/poster scans etc etc - if so, let me .I am absolutely positive they didn't tour in 1976; however they did tour the US extensively with bands like REO and Rush during mid to late 19...

Check out my Babys sites: I just checked with a friend of mine, he said it was Thin Lizzy, and that they were very "green".

Therefore, accordingly I've re-dated this gig to 2nd Jan 1976... I don't remember BOC as being the headliner but I would say they were the most well known of the five groups. I went to the concert mainly to see Leslie West because I was a big Mountain fan, but all of the bands were great.

The only strange thing for me is that the stub appears to be used!! The only band that I didn't know anything about at the time was Rush and I think (? By the way, the Capitol Centre was torn down a few years ago and a shopping mall was put in it's place.

Although roadie Rick Reyer had this cancelled gig down for 1st Jan, I think Ken's ticket evidence seems pretty clear. I've been telling friends about this concert for years.

His Ticketron stub clearly shows a date code of "102" as he says, plus there's also a "12/30" on there which I believe to be the purchase date. The fella I went to the concert with moved to Texas after college and I haven't spoken to him in years but I may try to get in touch with him and see if he remembers more about the show.

If I ever find them again, I'll scan & send your way. My name is Bill Torpy, as a high school senior, I attended the Dec.