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The United States presidential election of 2000 was the 54th quadrennial presidential election. Incumbent Democratic President Bill Clinton was ineligible to serve a third term due to term limitations in the 22nd Amendment of the Constitution, and Vice President Gore was able to secure the Democratic nomination with relative ease. Bush, then-incumbent governor of Texas and the eldest son of the 41st President George H. Bush, narrowly defeated the Democratic nominee Al Gore, then-incumbent vice president and former Senator for Tennessee, as well as various third-party candidates including Ralph Nader.

Clinton and Gore often did not campaign together, a deliberate decision resulting from the Lewinsky sex scandal two years prior.The party's delegates then officially nominate a candidate to run on the party's behalf.The general election in November is also an indirect election, where voters cast ballots for a slate of members of the Electoral College; these electors in turn directly elect the President and Vice President.The focus of his campaign was a plan to spend the record-breaking budget surplus on a variety of social welfare programs to help the poor and the middle-class, along with campaign finance reform and gun control.Gore easily defeated Bradley in the primaries, largely because of support from the Democratic Party establishment and Bradley's poor showing in the Iowa caucus, where Gore successfully painted Bradley as aloof and indifferent to the plight of farmers.President Bill Clinton, a Democrat and former Governor of Arkansas, was ineligible to seek reelection to a third term due to restrictions of the Twenty-second Amendment.

In accordance with Section I of the Twentieth Amendment, his term expired at noon EST on January 20, 2001.

As of 2017, this was the last election where a Republican candidate won New Hampshire, and the last time the state of Iowa backed the losing candidate.

Likewise, this was also the first presidential election that Delaware and Pennsylvania, would fail to vote for the winning candidate since 1948, and 1968, with California, Illinois, Michigan, New Mexico, and New Jersey all failing to do the same since 1976 respectively as well.

Lieberman became the first Jewish American ever to be chosen for this position by a major party. Former cabinet member George Shultz played an important early role in securing establishment Republican support for Bush.

In April 1998, he invited Bush to discuss policy issues with experts including Michael Boskin, John Taylor, and Condoleezza Rice.

The group, which was "looking for a candidate for 2000 with good political instincts, someone they could work with", was impressed, and Shultz encouraged him to enter the race.