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But it all worked out in the end…Todd was only supposed to be a one-off character in one episode at the top of season 5, but I ended up doing the role for 15 episodes over two seasons. TDW: Without getting too personal, did you have any problems with women associating you with Todd’s self-centered, horndog ways? I think secretly, deep down, every girl loves a scoundrel, right?

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His first major recognition for a recurring role was as Todd Carr in Dawson's Creek, followed by a main role in the miniseries Fallen and a recurring role in Kyle XY.Greene & Associates-repped Abtahi will play Amani Golkar, Damien’s big hearted wingman and best friend who doesn’t know Damien’s dark secret.Abtahi will next seen in takes place at a time in prehistory more than 25,000 years ago when Neanderthals shared the planet with the first early modern humans and a band of cave dwellers adopts blond and blue-eyed Ayla (Brady), a child of the “Others.” As Ayla matures into a young woman of spirit and courage, she must fight for survival against the jealous bigotry of Broud, who one day will be clan leader.But Dawson’s was one of those VERY rare exceptions to that rule for me.I made extraordinarily dear, life-long friends on that British accent,an absolutely stunning face,a beautiful body,captivating personality and oodles of natural talent.

I am also dead certain that he’s a sweet,genuine,honest and loyal parson in real life.

Born on the Mediterranian island of Cyprus and raised in east London, Ozsan's exotic good-looks are made all the more charming by his rougish cockney accent.

He was educated at the prestigious Brentwood School(Douglas Adams-Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy/ Jack Straw-British Cabinet Politician) where he was by all accounts was quite a notorious character.

He is currently (2003) a regular on Dawson's Creek playing the tempestuous film director Todd Carr that Dawson is protoge to.

Halil Ozsan is an American actor who portrayed Michael Cassidy in Season 3.

While still at school he won the Mayor of Essex's award for a play he co-wrote/co-starred in, and was honored with a school distinction tie for Drama.