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When the fruiting head separates at its junction with the stalk, it is easily moved by light breezes, scattering seeds as it rolls.

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The London Olympics Committee, however, has created Designated Smoking Areas (DSAs) within the Olympic Park for smokers.The genus itself was written in three ways (Boophone, Boophane and Buphane) by the author William Herbert, straining the procedures of the rules of nomenclature.The etymology of the genus is from the Greek 'bous' = ox, and 'phontes'= killer of, a clear warning that eating the plant is fatal to stock.Allspice stems, which are always present to a greater or lessextent in ground Pimenta, have rather characteristic unicellular hairsthat are somewhat swollen on one side.470 SCIENTIFIC AND APPLIED PHARMACOGNOSY Constituents.—Volatile oil (3 to 4 per cent) consisting of about60 per cent of eugenol; resin; an acrid fixed oil about 6 per cent;tannic acid; starch; calcium oxalate; ash about 4 per cent.The word "kretek" itself is an onomatopoetic term for the crackling sound of burning cloves.

Haji Jamahri, a resident of Kudus, Java, created kreteks in the early 1880s as a means to deliver the eugenol of cloves to the lungs, as it was thought to help asthma.

Boophone disticha is a poisonous bulbous tropical and subtropical flowering plant, endemic to Africa.

Its common names are gifbol, tumbleweed, veld fan, and windball.

The type specimen was collected in 1781 from South Africa by Swedish botanist Carl Peter Thunberg and described by Linnaeus as Amaryllis disticha.

Since that time it has been placed in the genera Brunsvigia and Haemanthus, finally coming to rest as Boophone.

It appears that Ferdinand, one of many international football stars to appear in the ads, had been unaware that Gudang Garam International makes much of its profits from tobacco or that his image would be used on billboards which carry the cigarette brand logo.