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At Hell in a Cell on October 25, after Wyatt was defeated by Reigns in a Hell in a Cell match to end their feud, The Wyatt Family attacked The Undertaker and carried him backstage, reigniting their feud.

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At the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on October 4, a disguised Harris and Michael Mc Gillicutty interfered in a match between John Cena and Wade Barrett, and helped Barrett win, forcing Cena to join Barrett's faction The Nexus per the pre-match stipulation.At Royal Rumble on January 25, Wyatt competed in the Royal Rumble match entering at number 5, and he lasted for almost 47 minutes, eliminating six other contestants before being eliminated by Big Show and Kane.Following the Royal Rumble, Wyatt began a series of cryptic promos, referring himself as "The New Face of Fear", and at Fastlane on February 22, a casket would be brought to the ring by druids, with Wyatt revealed to be inside, who would issue a challenge to The Undertaker for a match at Wrestle Mania 31 on March 29, Following Wrestle Mania 31, Wyatt launched another series of enigmatic promos, which were revealed to be directed to Ryback on the April 27 episode of Raw, after Wyatt attacked Ryback following his match with Bo Dallas.At the 30th annual Survivor Series on November 20, Wyatt and Orton were the sole survivors for Team Smack Down in the traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series elimination match after Orton saved Wyatt from a spear from Roman Reigns.The pair then began focusing on stopping the momentum of American Alpha, and to a bigger degree capturing the Smack Down Tag Team Championship, defeating them in a match to become number one contenders.At the FCW television tapings on July 23, The Rotundo Brothers defeated The Dude Busters (Caylen Croft and Trent Barretta) to become the number one contenders to the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship.

Harris was one of two rookies eliminated from NXT on August 17 and, following his elimination, Harris and Rhodes attacked Kaval, resulting in a brawl also involving Montel Vontavious Porter and Kofi Kingston.

While Wyatt and Orton retained the Smack Down Tag Team Championship against the former champions on the December 6 episode of Smack Down Live, it was announced that The Wyatt Family invoked the Freebird Rule, thus allowing Harper to also defend the championship.

On the December 27 episode of Smack Down Live, The Wyatt Family lost the Smack Down Tag Team Championship to American Alpha when Orton and Harper were defeated in a four corners elimination tag team match also involving The Usos and the team of Heath Slater and Rhyno.

He formerly wrestled under the ring name Husky Harris and was a member of The Nexus.

He is a former WWE Champion and Smack Down Tag Team Champion along with Randy Orton and Luke Harper under the Freebird Rule.

with Cena successfully resisting the urge to become a "monster" and overcoming interference from Harper and Rowan to defeat Wyatt at Wrestle Mania XXX, thus marking Wyatt's first pinfall loss on WWE's main roster.