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Certainly, that's the most comforting way to look at p.m.on Wednesday, November 12, 2008, two frightened Eisenhower students told a teacher, who told the principal, that they had seen the phrase bomb 11/14/08 written on the wall above a urinal in a downstairs boys' bathroom.

Of course most cluster home complexes will have to have boreholes, placing stress on the groundwater supply.As one of the older suburbs surrounding Harare, Greendale was laid out and developed in the 40s and 50s.Large farms and small holdings were broken up into smaller plots, mostly between one and two acres and generally with a single homestead on each plot.An increase in the number of residents in the area will put more strain on the already over stretched services.Instead of one household per property using water, electricity and generating household waste, cluster homes will now have eight or more households on the same property.Since that time very little further development has taken place, in fact a number of the facilities have become seriously neglected.

Now the City Council has mooted Plan 56 for Greendale which aims to promote businesses through the regeneration of shopping centres.

According to the police, at least thirty-one of them did just that, and Stancl amassed a collection of explicit pictures and videos that he used as leverage in a game of sexual blackmail that eventually landed him in jail.

ran a story about the case, headlined sex predator accusations shake a wisconsin town.

Most of Greendale is not on the municipal sewer system so cluster homes will need several septic tanks and soakaways – all this extra effluent will leach into the underground water.

There’ll be more household waste to be collected – or dumped on the roadside.

This past winter, Ike's good name was befouled by a story of serial sexual extortion among its student body.