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Great expecations dating

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Pip lives with his abusive older sister and her kind husband Joe Gargery in the Kent marshes.

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Pip is horrified and disgusted: His money is contaminated.The first stage presents Pip as an orphan being raised by an unkind sister who resents him, and her husband, who offers him kindness and love.While visiting the tombstones of his parents in the cemetery, Pip encounters a convict and is made to bring him food and a file the next day.Compeyson, the second convict who was Magwitch’s enemy, is drowned when Pip tries to aid Magwitch in his escape from London. He returns 11 years later and finds Estella at the site of Satis House.The more popular ending indicated that they stayed together.Pip is unhappy with his position and longs to become a gentleman in order that he may eventually win Estella’s affection. Jaggers, comes to tell Pip that a beneficiary has left him great fortunes. The two young men live beyond their means and fall deeply in debt. This knowledge begins the change in Pip from ungrateful snobbery to the humility associated with Joe and home.

The third stage in Pip’s life solves all the remaining mysteries of the novel. Magwitch dies in prison, and Pip becomes a clerk in Cairo with Herbert.

Rob Joyce, who plays Pip in our production, was born and raised in Rochester.

Rob's Kentish roots have helped him and the rest of the cast with their Estuary accents, to add to the authenticity of the production.

Estimated Reading Time Four weeks should be allowed for the study of .

Three weeks will be required to read the novel, reading four chapters at a sitting.

Some years later, a lawyer named Jaggers appears at the smithy with the news that Pip, now Joe’s apprentice, has been left a fortune and is to become a gentleman.