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The following is the summary of the 3-day forecast outlook on this system: TUESDAY EARLY MORNING: Strengthens further as it moves westward across the western part of the Central Philippine Sea...approaching Bicol Region...about 225 km East-Southeast of Virac, Catanduanes [2AM JUL 15: 13.0N 126.2E @ 110kph].WEDNESDAY EARLY MORNING: Weakens slightly as it interacts with the mountain ranges of Camarines Provinces..the central-eastern coast of Quezon...about 95 km Southeast of Metro Manila [2AM JUL 16: 14.2N 121.8E @ 100kph].

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Rammasun will continue to slowly intensify during the next 24 hours.Weather Philippines shall not be responsible for the private use and reliance of its weather information. Location: Over the eastern part of the Philippine Sea (near 13.3N 131.9E) About: 835 km east of Virac, Catanduanes..890 km east of Legazpi City, Albay Maximum Sustained Winds (1-min avg): 75 kph near the center... Rain Accumulation (near the center): 100 to 300 mm [Heavy to Extreme] Size (in diameter): 370 km (Midget) Area of Damaging Winds (95 kph or more): None Past Movement: West @ 26 kph Forecast Movement: West @ 26 kph Towards: Bicol Region * TS Rammasun (Glenda) is expected to continue moving generally westward during the next 24 hours..will turn west-northwestward with a slight decrease in its forward speed by 48 through 72 hours.On the forecast track, the storm will traverse the central portion of the Philippine Sea today...making landfall over Camarines Sur by Tuesday afternoon..passing over Metro Manila by Wednesday morning.Enemy bacteria and viruses attack with a variety of strategies.Some of the enemies attempt to disguise themselves to evade detection, some come in a great variety of shapes to confuse the security, and some come with brute force in an attempt to overwhelm the security.The cells in our bodies are so delicate and exceedingly complex and are therefore very vulnerable to any disturbance.

A slight change in temperature, or chemical balance will wreck havoc in the body.

The Word is like the exceedingly hot fire that killed the soldiers of Nebuchadnezzar in an instant, but did not singe so much as a hair of Daniel and his friends nor cause the smell of smoke to be found on them.

The Word of God is the angel of death which killed all the firstborn of Egypt but saved Israel alive.

It is as if the body is crawling with deadly vipers ready to strike out at and destroy anything that is unable to identify itself as belonging to the body.

What if the system makes a mistake and begins to attack the body itself?

THURSDAY EARLY MORNING: Over the West Philippine Sea as it regains strength...about 335 km West-Northwest of Iba, Zambales [2AM JUL 17: 16.4N 117.1E @ 110kph].