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It is a great time-saver and facilitator; it might even be fun for a while.Comfort is also our undoing, robbing us of our potential. For a guy, the Internet is no different from a club.

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It’s so vague yet so right at the same time, and the gap we must bridge to explain it can seem wider than the Grand Canyon. What if yourself changes a little bit from day to day? Nothing against the sexy bartenders/waitresses/Comic Con models of the world, but I haven’t felt the urge to pursue any of them.Especially if they work every night (those nights should be reserved for GK! But I have been witness to a fun demonstration on how to do it, and I thought […] Baseball season is back, so it makes sense that I’m going to the bullpen on this post.A quick synopsis is that […] I’ve watched “Swingers” countless times since I first saw it in 2000, back when I had a lot in common with Mikey — clueless with women, in a new city and yet to overcome a breakup that I initiated.Not until recently, though, did I hear the guy behind the guy talk about what exactly […] My buddy Tre Tre pointed me to this blog post about the PUA world today: interested me because it’s written not by some Community junkie, but by a female psychologist who recently ordered “The Game” and Mystery’s book.I want to get some different perspectives for you folks, and the one guest blogger I had to have was Dirk Manley. I’ve been a fan of Dirk for years on the Charisma […] Whew!

Trying to juggle three jobs, a screenplay, a blog and a social life is giving me a triathlon-sized workout, but I wanted to make at least one sermon this week.

Maybe it’s my news background, but I like to write only about topics that are current to me.

And for some reason, I’ve had the same […] I’ve been through some experiences with women lately that reinforced my thoughts on this whole picking-up-women thing, and what defines a successful or failed interaction.

It’s the difference between Bilbo Baggins staying in the […] I haven’t done the online dating thing for a while, but one thing that annoyed me was that you couldn’t browse a woman’s profile without her knowing it — which sucks if you want a closer look at her photo before you decide on writing her, or if you need a second look after browsing […] As promised, here’s Part II of Gal’s online-dating primer. It will still be up to you to make the first move and you will still need to impress your target.

With online dating you have three […] I would have written my own post this week, but I’m on “Mad Men” lockdown for Sunday’s two-hour premiere.

[…] Now that I’ve felt the ghosts of kings and queens at Westminster Abbey, pondered life’s mysteries at Stonehenge and gazed down from the gorgeous cliffs of the Irish coast, I can get back to writing about what is truly meaningful: hot chicks and stuff.