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The board gives them no clear answers, but suddenly a mysterious figure arrives, cloaked in shadow. "I will show you your deepest pleasure..." The girls are frightened, but far too turned on to turn back!With barely a moment's hesitation, they dive into a sinful, twisted threesome with the demon from beyond.

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She gags and drools all over, deepthroating that cock and begging for your cum while her shiny tits bounce You scored a date with Tequila!

Lil Bit didn't get her afternoon nap, so she's tired, but Mommy wants to play before bedtime.

She has a couple of SPARKly new toys to play with and she can't wait to break them in.

Once you're nice and hard for her, she rides and sucks your hard cock until you're ready to cum. The Bride of Frankenstein beckons, and you cannot resist her call. Sarah Tonin and Karrie Kellie are looking for something extra special to fill their perverted sexual desires, so they turn to a ouija board for answers.

Little do they know, the dark forces at work will give them much more than they bargained for!

Duration: 4.5 min tags: breast and nipple punishment, spanking, flogging, tit play, tit busting, bbw, bdsm, queer, queer porn, necklace, pearls, cardigan, sweater fetish Introducing new models Elle Ay' Elle and Hazel!