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Giata hotelguide online dating

The type and presentation style of the content, as well as the optional expansion to include the extensive offers filter of GIATA Facts, lies in the hands of the third-party provider.

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The offers can be printed, saved as a PDF and forwarded. Along with the text and image files from the travel catalogues of more than 242 holiday operators, the operator's virtual e-catalogue (Flip Cat) and hotel ratings (e.g.The holiday offer database is a vital consulting tool for travel agents and holiday specialists in call centres, travel agencies or mobile travel sales.It can be used directly online, or can be used very easily via our partners through counter tools such as Bistro, Cosmo Naut or Travelviewer.Furthermore, hotel images (partially with a high resolution) are also available for many properties and in various sizes.Generally, the GIATA Multilingual Hotel Guide is suitable for all hotel-only offers on all sales channels.Each operator catalogue also features an interactive list of contents and support tools, as well as bookmark, zoom and shopping cart functions.

In addition, with the free-of-charge upgrade to Flip Cat Pro, your customers can enter desired travel dates and see the up-to-date prices when flicking through catalogues.

The hotel descriptions are generated with the aid of the corresponding hotel fact sheet and have the same structure throughout all 20 languages, which leads to a higher conversion rate.

They have at least 500 characters and do not cover vendor-specific features (i.e.

A valid licence agreement (user rights) for the Internet Hotel Guide is required.

For the integration of individual catalogues via the Internet Hotel Guide XML interface, you will require a developer to implement the catalogues on your online portal.

from Trip Advisor or my Hotel Rank) as well as high resolution videos and webcams provided by our partner feratel technologies which are displayed free of charge.