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Technology comes in really handy when you are horny but not nearby.

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LOl SEAMUS SEAMUS SEAMUS THAT is very disrespectful ,so you have to be banished to England for the rest of your life , OH LOOK you done it again the back of the pant is completely BROWN ,that's it get out of the house and here is your ticket for the ferry.The Italians like the Americans have had enough EU consortium horse sh1t....... Bill who closed banks on the Thursday then rebranded and reopened on the Tuesday while everyone enjoyed the bank holiday.Bunga bunga party Berlusconi is on the rise again..... The History Show - Pundit pontificating on the demise of the SDLP in the Northern Irish election....... The masses following the progress of sacked MP Priti Patel flight home to London. Enda Kenny of the Lucinda Creighton leash at Davos crowing 26% growth and the millions of America sickened at 2% growth no seen since the great depression....Well elected by his own inner circle of elite cadre...... Drivertime - Minster Paschal Donohoe on the multi nationals registering intellectual to avoid tax."We have to protect Ireland's reputation". Vincent Browne on tv3 asked Paschal what does the IFC do... The National Asset Management Agency who PIMCO took one look at and ran for the hills...Chinese monolithes built on a mountain of credit or is the investment banker getting getting desperate..... Boeing chief who was convicted for going against the spirit of American business law..... There will be no money in the banks come Monday morning. As if the British would let Southern Ireland run out of paper. A nuclear fleet to maintain.£5.3trillion in FX currency market with £2trillion daily through London....A decade of the Irish and British governments ignoring the Good Friday Agreement and Denis O'Brien's periodicals in their fishnet tights chasing Jerry Adams in beret around the park..... While the DUP burn apx £460 million in cash for ash and a gay couple can't buy a wedding cake.... That Ryan Air flight intercepted and escorted in by two RAF fighter jets last week. LOL.."Oh look mammy" "Oh their with us son^ ^Are ya sure mammy because their looking a bit funny at us".. LOL TD Halligan inquiring into a female civil servant interviewees martial status......

The Tory Brexit train rolls on under pinned by the DUP........ ITV4 Racing this afternoon tips: 1.35 FAMOUS MILLY ... One of the 90 Ryan Air flights out of Dublin on course for the Sellafield nuclear plant or so the RAF taught. LOL TD Halligan hiding in Thailand from Lucinda "the dark queen" Creighton.... Today with Sean - Brendan Kenny interview Tue 7th...

Sharia law, Cannon law and pieces of meat for sale get priority over women's rights! LOLPeter Navarro (US trade council) *Germany is one of the worst actors in promoting Eurozone deflationary currency".

lol The growth strangled out of Europe by deflation to sell them fine German cars and Greece from recession to depression. Cayman Ireland 26% growth, Germany 25% growth and the US 2% growth lol.

Interesting documentary on rte 1 radio, that corkman was not the only one , he joined the brits and I joined the French , I suppose sometimes people have to show up for the fight but I would not join again its not worth it because no one cares...

Tom Maguire booming the ball so sweetly down the fairways in Mount Temple the echo can be heard here in La Gomera as can John Creedon's lilting Cork accent floating acroos the waves from one Atlantic island to another Washington Post commentator upset over the Presidents address to the US Navy.

Growth not seen since the Great Depression (The Grapes Of Wrath). Someone tell Phil Hogan the northern troubles are over and there is no infrastructural and cohesion funds available from the EU. Madison Square Lament; We're the one's that tell them what, our media knickers are in a knot.