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Get sexy bootcamp

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This unique camp utilizes high interval training as well as classic Krav Maga moves to get you safe and sexy in only 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week.

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Join Coach Bridgett for an intense circuit training workout.Looking for a fun activity to do with your friends? This class will use breathing exercises (Pranayama), Yoga Nidra (yoga of sleep) and Mediation (Dhyana) to enable the you to feel more alert and refreshed.Have you always wanted to learn the choreography from Johnny and Baby’s famous dance?Singles will partner up with each other or the instructors! – singles who don’t want to be the wallflower at social events!– couples looking for something new and romantic to try!An easy presentation of basic steps, music, and style of the most popular social dances: Waltz, and Swing.

Note: While these workshops focus on partner dancing, that doesn’t mean you need to bring a partner.

Yoga Nidra is the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness in contrast to sleeping where dreaming can occur with little or no awareness of ones actual environment.

The practice of Yoga Nidra has been found to reduce tension and anxiety.

Want to build lean muscle and gain strength in just 3 days a week?

Join trainer Brittany Hughes 30 min a day for 3 days a week and reach maximum results in less time.

Two small breaks between each hour will be given to catch your breath! Then, stay and enjoy an hour of wine, cheese and mingling!