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seeing the wood as well as the trees irish accounting review one patient two unusual conditions three basic lessons annals of the rheumatic diseases feminism media consumption in curran j morley d walkerdine v (eds ) cultural studies communications arnold london uk 306-322 measurements of b→ds x decays physical review d observation of an excited charmed baryon decaying into ξc0π physical review letters missionary heroism victorian writers 5th british women writers association conference columbia sc usa 1996 missions empire domesticity victorian studies cultural studies modern language association washington dc usa 27- money dirt poetry words as commodities in carlyle ruskin pound victorians institute meeting charlottesville va usa 1996 a proposal for postdoctoral teaching fellowships in english foreign languages modern language association washington dc usa 27- another pindaric ode 'to the pious memory of mrs anne killigrew' restoration studies in english literary culture 1660-1700 dada goes west re-reading revolution in the day of the locust imprimatur a journal of criticism theory 'purple buttons on her bodice' feminist history iconography in the waves woolf studies annual virginia woolf's three marys a collective model for creative women in modeen m (ed ) graces fates furies peacock printmakers in association with evergreen state college aberdeen neuropeptide y phase shifts the circadian clock in vitro via a y2 receptor neuroreport the effects of consumers age on overall satisfaction an application to financial services journal of professional services marketing structural equation modelling of overall satisfaction full use of services for atms international journal of bank marketing ecological modernization the european union geoforum economy-innovation-environment towards an evolutionary framework of the micro-economic response to the environment other department of geography london school of economics political science london uk excitation functions for the two-nucleon photoabsorption in li-6 physics letters b structural system identification using genetic programming a block diagram oriented simulation tool electronics letters nonlinear model structure identification using genetic programming in genetic programming '96 conference (gp '9 nonlinear system modelling using output error estimation of a local model network in society for computer simulation summer computer simulation conference (scsc '9 accounting & accountability changes challenges in corporate social environmental reporting prentice hall ausonius decimus magnus in hornblower s spawforth a (eds ) the oxford classical dictionary oxford university press oxford p 223 octavian vergil's eclogues euphrosyne fixed security rights over intellectual property in scotland european intellectual property review 10 ghz 3 ps actively mode-locked ring laser incorporating a semiconductor laser amplifier an electroabsorption modulator electronics letters credibility fundamentals were the classical interwar gold standards well-behaved target zones?

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tertiary education management editorial european journal of education higher education employment european journal of education wavelength conversion by cross gain modulation in a semiconductor laser amplifier in semiconductor integrated optoelectronics (sioe) conference cardiff wales uk 1995 'origins of analytical philosophy' by michael dummett journal of the history of philosophy salmon on fregean approaches to the paradox of analysis philosophical studies truth in frege's 'law of truth' synthese the status of expressive content british journal of aesthetics measurement of 23na transverse relaxation in vivo the flip-angle-independent experiment journal of magnetic resonance series b three-dimensional triple-quantum filtration 23na nmr imaging journal of magnetic resonance series b the 25 amino acid residues at the carboxy terminus of the herpes simplex virus type 1 ul26 5 protein are required for the formation of the capsid shell around the scaffold journal of general virology attempted modulation of hsv infection of neurons in culture by fibroblast growth factor journal of neurovirology professor anita harding quarterly journal of medicine blood pressure points practice nurse burrowing behaviour burrow architecture in apodemus sylvaticus (rodentia) zeitschrift für säugetierkunde records of early english drama reflections of a hardened user medieval english theatre york plays urban piety the case of nicholas blackburn mercer archiv fuer das studium der neueren sprachen und literaturen early advaita vedānta the date authorship of the gauḍapādīya-kārikā indo-iranian journal is “buddha-nature” buddhist?numen early advaita vedānta buddhism the mahāyāna context of the gauḍapapādīya-kārikā series suny series in religious studies state university of new york press castlemilk east co-operative the residents view 1989-1994 project report castlemilk east housing co-operative housing co-operatives potential unfulfilled in pinto r (ed ) developments in housing management ownership manchester university press manchester 76-99 interim evaluation of the whitfield partnership project report central research unit edinburgh minimization of reactive power flow in switched reluctance generators in ipec'95 international power electronics conference yokohama japan 3- 1022-1026 angels heroes stories of modernity in pater baudelaire glasgow review modernism post-modernism the duplicity of innovation gramma journal of theory criticism modal analysis of the low pressure frame of a steam turbine in asme international joint power conference minneapolis usa 8- 275-287 natural vibration analysis of the low-pressure frame of a steam turbine in 3rd national conference on dynamical systems in theory application lodz poland 6th december 1995 173-178 american dialect research edited by dennis r preston journal of pidgin creole languages near threshold photoproduction of η mesons off the proton physical review letters photoproduction of eta-mesons near-threshold - reply physical review letters infection of cultured rat enterocytes by ileal symbiont intracellularis depends on host cell function actin polymerisation veterinary microbiology effects of chronic norepinephrine administration on cardiac function in rats journal of cardiovascular pharmacology examining the relationship between length of stay readmission rates for selected diagnoses in scottish hospitals mathematical medicine biology genetic algorithm based techniques for design automation of three-term fuzzy systems in ifsa '95 sixth international fuzzy systems association world congress brazil 22- 261-264 macroeconomics modelling on uk gdp growth by neural computing in ifac/ifip/ifors/sedc symp modelling control of national regional economies gold coast australia 2-5 july 1995 automation of linear nonlinear control systems design by evolutionary compuatation in 1st ifac youth automation conference beijing china 22- 53-58 graph reversal the design of parallel control signal processing architectures international journal of control performance based linear control system design by genetic evolution with simulated annealing in 34th ieee conference on decision control new orleans la 13- 731-736 (doi 10 1109/cdc 1995 479066 the practice nurse in coronary heart disease screening fitting the role nursing standard screening for codon 249 p53 mutation in lung cancer associated with domestic radon exposure lancet biological genetic characterization of tnphoa mutants of salmonella typhimurium tml in the context of gastroenteritis infection immunity review of s hollis anglo-saxon women the church sharing a common fate parergon a numerical simulation of steady flow in a 2-d collapsible channel journal of fluids structures long-run exchange rate modeling a survey of the recent evidence imf staff papers stock prices dividends retention long-run relationships short-run dynamics journal of empirical finance probing nn correlations with real photons in conference on perspectives in nuclear physics at intermediate energies trieste italy 8- 270-285 access at goldsmiths’ anthropology in action renal artery stenosis managed by palmaz stent insertion technical clinical outcome journal of hypertension transluminal vascular stents for ostial atherosclerotic renal-artery stenosis lancet unconventional conceptions hiv aids care the public understanding of science or the scientific understanding of the public?a review of the social context of the 'new genetics' public understanding of science housing area regeneration project report joseph rowntree foundation housing research making the connections urban studies home nebuliser use in children with asthma in two scottish health board areas scottish medical journal pregnant or ill?augustine de doctrina christiana series oxford early christian texts clarendon press oxford chambers super-mini english dictionary chambers edinburgh uk electrostatics 1995 proceedings of the 9th international conference york 2-5 april 1995 series institute of physics conference series institute of physics publishing ltd bristol historical painting techniques materials studio practice preprints of a symposium held at the university of leiden the netherlands 26-29 june 1995 getty conservation institute malibu hungary the politics of transition frank cass london england social choice welfare ethics proceedings of the eighth international symposium in economic theory econometrics cambridge university press cambridge uk tourist marketing management handbook (student edition) prentice hall london uk in process annealing of laser welded high carbon steel in icaleo '95 14th international congress on applications of lasers electro-optics san diego ca usa 13- 923-931 magnetisation anomalies in laser welded magnetic materials in icaleo '95 14th international congress on applications of lasers electro-optics san diego ca usa 13- 932-941 hardness characteristics of laser welded joints in cleo/pacific rim'95 pacific rim conference on lasers electro-optics chiba japan 10-14 july 1995 p 298 making sense of new testament theology "modern" problems prospects mercer macon ga of the jews to the gentiles a new generation in pauline studies anglican theological review what is postmodern biblical criticism?fortress press minneapolis minn corporate equal opportunities (non-) disclosure british accounting review social environmental reporting in europe social environmental accountability journal knemometry in childhood a study to compare the precision of two different techniques annals of human biology bacterial toxins as novel antigen delivery systems livestock production science first measurement of the rate for the inclusive radiative penguin decay b→sγ physical review letters first observation of ≡c Ⅵ≡0e νe an estimate of the ≡c /≡c0 lifetime ratio physical review letters first observation of the decay ≡c →≡0e νe an estimate of the ≡c ≡c0 lifetime ratio physical review letters observation of b → ψπ decays physics letters b new decay modes of the λc charmed baryon physical review letters colonic adenocarcinoma associated ectopic acth secretion a case history european journal of cancer nucleotide predicted peptide sequence of feline interferon-gamma (ifn-gamma) dna sequence the journal of dna sequencing mapping reduced vasodilator responses to noradrenaline correlates with decreased density of -adrenoceptor flurophore binding in the basilar artery from old wky rats methods finding in experimental clinical pharmacology structural functional alterations in the basilar artery from stroke prone spontaneously hypertensive rats in 7th european meeting on hypertension milan italy 9- p 12 search for b → ℓνℓ physical review letters comparison of second line agents in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis discussion paper personal social services research unit kent review of second line agents in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis discussion paper personal social services research unit kent semileptonic branching fractions of charged neutral b mesons physical review letters a toda system physics letters a observation of a narrow state decaying into ξc π- physical review letters pakistanis in scotland census data research issues scottish geographical magazine the communicating technologist an educational challenge in frontiers in education conference υ(1s)→γ noninteracting particles physical review d inclusive decays of b mesons to charmonium physical review d measurements of the decays τ-Ⅵh-h h-ντ τ-Ⅵh-h h-π0ντ physical review letters crime in mcgregor a kintrea k fitzpatrick i (eds ) interim evaluation the wester hailes partnership scottish office central research unit edinburgh uk 118-127 housing crime preliminary findings of a national housing management initiatives survey project report chartered institute of housing in scotland edinburgh uk who should prevent crime?animal behaviour investment policies in multilateral regional agreements a comparative analysis transnational corporations sonically enhanced interface toolkit in international conference on auditory display (icad) palo alto usa 4-6 november 1996 47-50 earcons as a method of providing navigational cues in a menu hierarchy in 11th british computer society hci conference london england 20-23 august 1996 167-183 enhancing scanning input with non-speech sounds in acm sigaccess conference on assistive technologies vancouver british columbia canada 11-12 april 1996 10-14 geophysical survey pharos international cypriot black-on-red ware towards a characterization archaeometry popular culture the continuing struggle for rational recreation in devine t m finlay r j (eds ) scotland in the twentieth century edinburgh university press edinburgh scotland uk 210-229 religion national identity in scotland since the union of 1707 in brohed i (ed ) church people in britain scandinavia lund university press lund sweden religion in the city urban history ‘to be aglow with civic ardours’ the godly commonwealth in glasgow 1843-1914 records of the scottish church history society measuring learning resource use computers education two-dimensional mas multiple-quantum nmr of quadrupolar nuclei removal of inhomogeneous second-order broadening journal of magnetic resonance series a four remediable faults of the hawksley random zero sphygmomanometer blood pressure monitoring revolusjonen som fortærte sine foreldre morgenbladet industry innovation where why - a comment carnegie-rochester conference series on public policy production function regressions returns to scale externalities journal of monetary economics sectoral solow residuals european economic review factor-hoarding the propagation of business-cycle shocks american economic review small-sample properties of gmm-based wald tests journal of business economic statistics subsidiarity deregulation legislating for control in the foodstuffs sector in caiger a floudas d (eds ) 1996 onwards lowering the barriers even further wiley chichester 9-21 european community the mega-mix in örücü e attwooll e coyle s (eds ) studies in legal systems mixed mixing kluwer law international 297-313 european social law wiley chichester a comparison of the validity of handwriting analysis with that of the cattell 16pf international journal of selection assesment acting up a text the scholarship of performance the performance of scholarship early music histologic classification immunophenotype of lymphosarcomas in cats with naturally experimentally acquired feline immunodeficiency virus infections veterinary pathology gate recess engineering of pseudomorphic in0 30gaas/gaas hemts electronics letters line-closed subsets of steiner triple systems classical linear spaces journal of statistical planning inference the archaeological evidence for contacts imports trade economy in celtic britain ad 400-800 in dark k r (ed ) external contacts the economy of late roman post-roman britain boydell press 83-96 trade in the dark age west a peripheral activity?

in crawford b e (ed ) scotland in dark age britain the proceedings of a day conference held on 18 february 1995 scottish cultural press 79-91 visuomotor sensitivity for shape orientation in a patient with visual form agnosia neuropsychologia an unpublished letter from walter scott to dr james currie scott newsletter controlling the nonlinear dynamics of gantry cranes machine vibration the phosphate geophysical surveys in cavanagh w g armstrong p (eds ) the laconia survey continuity change in a greek rural landscape series supplementary volume 2 (26-2 on uniquely implementing cooperation in the prisoners' dilemma economic theory part xii appeals new integrable deformations of quantum calogero-moser problem russian mathematics surveys a knowledge-based system for operations management in a small to medium sized enterprise international journal of advanced manufacturing technology messy genetic algorithm based new learning method for structurally optimised neurofuzzy controllers in ieee international conference on industrial technology shanghai china 2- 274-278 (doi 10 1109/icit 1996 601589 authority in isherwood l mcewan d (eds ) an a to z of feminist theology sheffield academic press sheffield autonomy in isherwood l mcewan d (eds ) an a to z of feminist theology sheffield academic press sheffield editorial feminist theology love in isherwood l mcewan d (eds ) an a to z of feminist theology sheffield academic press sheffield lust in isherwood l mcewan d (eds ) an a to z of feminist theology sheffield academic press sheffield on agreeing to differ some reflections on the arcic statement on morals in light of veritatis splendor irish theological quarterly analyzing housing privatization in clapham d hegedus j kintrea k tosics i kay h (eds ) housing privatization in eastern europe series contributions in sociology (11 the patterns of housing privatization in eastern europe in clapham d hegedus j kintrea k tosics i kay h (eds ) housing privatization in eastern europe series contributions in sociology (11 direct democracy in practice the case of 'community ownership' housing associations policy politics a year in palliative care progress in palliative care the conundrum of sex death some issues in health care practice in weeks j holland j (eds ) sexual cultures communities values intimacy series explorations in sociology (4 needs assessment in cancer care in hancock b (ed ) cancer care in the community radcliffe medical press oxford england 160-171 imperialism colonialism in enemies passing friends settler ideologies in twentieth-century ulster pluto press 9-32 firi a fair insulin resistance index?

lancet stimulation of phosphatidylinositol hydrolysis protein kinase c translocation mitogen-activated protein kinase activity by bradykinin in rat ventricular myocytes dissociation from the hypertrophic response biochemical journal banned!

censorship of popular music in britain 1967-92 series popular cultural studies 9 arena aldershot the presentations of lord howe of aberavon contemporary politics decays of τ leptons to final states containing ks0 mesons physical review d survival of 1476 patients initally resuscitated from out-of-hospital cardiac-arrest british medical journal brachiopod molecular phylogeny in third international brachiopod congress sudbury canada 2-5 september 1995 73-80 vibration modes acoustic noise in a four-phase switched reluctance motor ieee transactions on industry applications signalling from neurones to glial cells in invertebrates trends in neurosciences effects of photoreceptor metabolism on interstitial glial cell ph in bee retina evidence of a role for nh4 journal of physiology 11 beta-hydroxylase activity in glucocorticoid suppressible hyperaldosteronism lessons for essential hypertension?

most the structure of russian political opinion co-existence communists democracy reform in post-communist russia demokratizatsiya democracy political parties party formation in postcommunist russia party politics the legacy of the nomenklatura economic privilege in postcommunist russia co-existence political parties the public in lane d s (ed ) russia in transition politics privatisation inequality longman london england 36-51 parties politics in post-communist russia communist post-communist studies parties voters in the elections in lentini p (ed ) elections political order in russia the implications of the 1993 elections to the federal assembly central european university press budapest 124-142 the place of 'party' in post-communist europe party politics outcome of burkholderia (pseudomonas) cepacia colonisation in children with cystic fibrosis following a hospital outbreak thorax young people health family life (book) sociology of health illness wave propagation along longitudinally periodically supported or stiffened prismatic plate assemblies journal of sound vibration hydrogen-bonded liquid crystals from alkoxystilbazoles 3-cyanophenols structural control of mesomorphism molecular structure of the complex between 4-cyanophenol 4-octyloxystilbazole journal of materials chemistry examination of the effects of emotional disturbance its detection on general practice patients' satisfaction with the consultation british journal of general practice supporting problem drug users improving methadone maintenance in general practice british journal of general practice observations of long-lived solar wind streams during 1990-1993 annales geophysicae somatic heterogeneity of the ctg repeat in myotonic dystrophy is age size dependent american journal of human genetics information in general medical practice a qualitative approach topics in health information management information in primary health care health libraries review public opinion parties voters in the december 1993 elections europe-asia studies an extension to models for cosmic string formation physics letters b buckling analysis of skew plate assemblies classical plate theory results incorporating lagrangian multipliers computers structures export marketing conceptual empirical developments european journal of marketing attracting managing developing inward investment in the single market in amin a tomaney j (eds ) behind the myth of european union prospects for cohesion routledge london uk understanding enhancing transmission mechanisms pilot project project report scottish enterprise glasgow effects of staphylococcus aureus toxins on the growth of bovine mammary epithelial cells (mac-t) in culture journal of dairy science assembly of vp26 in herpes simplex virus-1 inferred from structures of wild-type recombinant capsids nature structural biology archaeoseismology series fitch laboratory occasional paper institute of geology mineal exploration athens going the distance teaching learning researching in distance education university of sheffield department of education sheffield housing privatization in eastern europe series contributions in sociology greenwood press westport ct international business europe in transition series academy of international business series macmillan basingstoke uk a new order an evening at cabaret voltaire manchester metropolitan university perspectives on new testament ethics essays in honor of o via series perspectives in religious studies national association of baptist professors of religion macon ga the raucle tongue hitherto uncollectd prose vol 1 carcanet press understanding human rights mansell london vergleichende hochschulforschung eine zwischenbilanz themenband ii series werkstattberichte wissenschaftliches zentrum für berufs- und hochschulforschung kassel germany developing hiv-preventive behavioural interventions for young people in scotland international journal of std aids specification structures propositions-as-types for concurrency lecture notes in computer science according to whose law?

aristobulus galilee the νόμοι τῶν Ἰουδαίων journal for the study of the pseudepigrapha disciples together constantly in seow c l (ed ) homosexuality christian community westminster john knox press louisville kentucky 123-132 docetism käsemann christology why historical criticism can't protect christological orthodoxy scottish journal of theology twisting to destruction in kea p v adam a k m (eds ) perspectives on new testament ethics essays in honor of o via series nabpr festschrift series (14) national association of baptist professors of religion macon ga 215-222 the relationship between short-term changes in weight lower leg length in children young adults annals of human biology tau decays into three charged leptons two neutrinos physical review letters emblemata lyons 1550 series emblem book facsimile series scolar press aldershot observation of the cabibbo-suppressed charmed baryon decay λc →pφ physical review d first measurement of the b→πℓν b→ρ(ω)ℓν branching fractions physical review letters subject complement-verb concord in english glasgow review an introductory semantics exercise using tact in computers teaching in the humanities selected papers from the cath94 conference held at glasgow university september 9th-12th 1994 cti centre for textual studies oxford confocal microscopic characterization of a lesion in a cerebral vessel of the stroke-prone spontaneously hypertensive rat stroke measurement of the branching fraction for ds− → φπ− physics letters b instability of the expanded (ctg)-n repeats in the myotonin protein kinase gene in cultured lymphoblastoid cell lines from patients with myotonic dystrophy genomics search for exclusive charmless hadronic b decays physical review d analysis of d0→kk̅x decays physical review d a three dimensional modelling for modern diagnosis planning in maxillofacial surgery international journal of adult orthodontics orthognathic surgery biostereometric recording of the face dental occlusion using stereophotogrammetry journal of cranio-maxillofacial surgery simple approach to include external resistances in the monte carlo simulation of mesfets hemts ieee transactions on electron devices the deregulated private rented sector in four scottish cities 1987-1994 scottish homes research report 50 project report scottish homes edinburgh measurement of the tau lepton lifetime physics letters b measurement of the b semileptonic branching fraction with lepton tags physical review letters a measurement of β(d0 → k- π π novel octameric structure of the lithium primary amide [8] its implication for the directed synthesis of heterometallic imide cages chemical communications first observation of the decay τ-→ k-ηντ physical review letters colour doppler ultrasound in renal artery stenosis intrarenal waveform analysis british journal of radiology a longitudinal study of feline immunodeficiency virus-specific cytotoxic t lymphocytes in experimentally infected cats using antigen-specific induction journal of virology a non-parametric approach to non-linear causality testing economics letters a search for nonresonant b →h h-h decays physical review letters observation of the ≡c charmed baryon decays to σ k−π σ k*0 ∧k-π π physics letters b first-contact incidence rates of schizophrenia in trinidad one-year follow-up british journal of psychiatry phase response curves to neuropeptide y in wildtype tau mutant hamsters journal of biological rhythms saffron in anglo-saxon england dyes in history archaeology educating 'discouraged workers' cultural diversity in the upper secondary school british journal of sociology of education study of b → ψϱ physics letters b dietary restraint anxiety in adolescent girls british journal of clinical psychology adrenergic receptor stimulation of the mitogen-activated protein kinase cascade cardiac hypertrophy biochemical journal stimulation of the stress-activated mitogen-activated protein kinase subfamilies in perfused heart p38/rk mitogen-activated protein kinases c-jun n-terminal kinases are activated by ischemia/reperfusion circulation research the magic lantern hogg science studies in hogg his world review of r butlin histories of desire l sail building into air n mason leading the guidebook astray lines review the capsid architecture of channel catfish virus an evolutionarily distant herpesvirus is largely conserved in the absence of discernible sequence homology with herpes simplex virus virology observations of low frequency admittance between isolated gaas structures formed by ion implantation by epitaxy on epitaxial buffer layers prepared at high low temperatures in semiconducting insulating materials 1996 proceedings of the 9th conference on semiconducting insulating materials (simc' mobility selection in scottish university medical education 1858-1886 medical history can juvenile atlantic salmon use multiple cue systems in spatial learning?

independent the effect of reconstitution with cryopreserved thymocytes on thein vivoantibody response to sheep red blood cells aeromonas salmonicida dnp-klh in adult long term thymectomised rainbow trout (oncorhynchus mykiss) fish shellfish immunology gender poverty the intra-household distribution of resources review of income wealth the price elasticity of housing demand in britain issues of sample selection journal of housing economics complications during recovery from anaesthesia in the equine patient equine veterinary education the height distribution of non-thermal x-ray sources in impulsive solar flares astronomy astrophysics on determining flare beam parameters from loop-top hard x-ray sources astrophysical letters communications how bank managers make lending decisions to small firms in blackburn r jennings p (eds ) small firms contributions to economic regeneration paul chapman london activitat musical a balaguer 1926-1935 in 75 anys d'història balaguer choral society lleida spain 75-84 evidence et conscience in struve n a laurent a (eds ) léon chestov un philosophe pas comme les autres?