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Genuine widows dating in surrey uk

I am wearing a pretty red floral dress by Katherine Hooker, a cream jacket with red trim, and some snazzy red patent sling-backs.I keep wondering whether my skirt will be creased when I stand up again.

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Both the highs and the lows exceeded anything I might have imagined.I sneakily didn’t surrender my Oyster card (although no one actually asked! It may get harder to go on the Underground, but I have learned that when people are not expecting to see you, they tend not to recognise you.Also, I avoid the nearest Tube stations and bus stops and walk the last bit back.I suddenly feel quite self-conscious, as though everyone can see us in microscopic detail.This is such an important moment and it is all happening so fast.Nonetheless, it seemed right to set aside my career while I supported Gordon and the kids and focused on the causes closest to my heart.

To get the most out of my time at No 10, I knew I needed to put my all into it.

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As we descend the staircase to leave the Palace, Gordon is now officially the Prime Minister.

The first visible change is the car — a huge armour-plated Jaguar, introduced by the new driver as ‘Pegasus’. I look up and see that a film crew is recording every moment; then, as I jump in, I whack my head on the roof of the car.

I don’t even tell Gordon, but leave him to go over his thoughts for what he wants to say outside Downing Street.