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Genevaliquidatingtrust com

We understand too that life circumstances and market conditions change, and that our approach must have the capacity to adapt successfully to events that are both anticipated and unexpected.Just as any growing bank, we have our own products and funds, which in our judgement can provide valuable components in any of our client portfolios.

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The Swiss market is a good testing ground for the introduction of technology innovations, and the country is the world’s biggest spender on IT .However, we are committed to the principle of an open but focused architecture platform, meaning that we buy only the most appropriate and best performing assets for our clients – irrespective of their provenance.We develop our own macro-economic and currency allocation models, using research we buy from specialist, independent research organisations.was established in Lausanne; this eventually became the holding company of the agribusiness group.This fact clearly strengthened the family’s ties with and commitment to Switzerland, paving the way for the vision that Carlos Esteve had as an undergraduate and which will take shape a couple of decades later.Here, we can officially operate in English, German, French and Italian.

Switzerland’s remarkable political stability, independence and the continuous strength of its currency – world-renowned as a safe haven investment - make it a perfect destination for investors.

Your personal wealth requires constant monitoring and sophisticated solutions – and that can be both time-consuming and burdensome to manage on your own.

Our in-country teams with local knowledge have the backing of a group with global reach, helping you to do business seamlessly across borders.

of the merchant business of the Esteve family which operates today as ECOM Agroindustrial Corp., a global commodity trading and processing company that plays a top-tier role in commodities such as coffee, cotton and cocoa.

Despite its international scope and market leadership, the company remains proudly family-held by the Esteve family.

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