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Generation z dating website

While you're in the park, encourage the kids to climb to the top of the monkey bars and jungle gym.

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To learn more about Generation Z, click here to read our December buzz Report on Generation Z!Elmore says he's not encouraging parents to abandon safety but that they should also not let paranoia take over."Because we are so preoccupied with safety, the message we unwittingly send to children and grandchildren is 'Don't take a risk.'" He suggests risk-taking that extends beyond the playground to willingness to try — and fail — at new activities in school, sports and social life."This is the first generation of kids that don't need you to get information," he says."What they need you to do is interpret that information, putting it in context.When it comes to social media, it is important to note that video rules above all else.

This generation turns to how-to You Tube videos instead of reading how-to Wikis.

Discouraging risk-taking is one of the "Three Huge Mistakes We Make Leading Kids," the title of a Facebook post by Elmore that went viral.

The other two are "rescuing too quickly" and "praising too easily." When anything goes wrong, we jump in to solve the problem before allowing the child to find a solution.

"Don't rush in with that forgotten permission slip or lunch or to solve the math problem," Elmore says.

"We don't want to communicate low expectations that they can't solve their own problems or deal with the consequences." When it comes to praise, he suggests being very specific.

As digital natives with more familiarity with virtual worlds than previous generations, this generation is redefining the “new normal.” These up-and-comers are connected, creative, curious, and conscious.