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Gasoleros online dating

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Solamente vos is a romantic comedy with elements of sitcoms.

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Aurora did not trust Félix very much, as he did not initially mention that he was married, delayed in separating from Michelle, and discovered him lying and cheating her at several times. Félix finally separated from Michelle and asked Aurora for marriage.In 2012 with an established career in the entertainment industry in Argentina, she met Daniel Osvaldo, who’s commonly known as Pablo Osvaldo or Dani Osvaldo.He was born in Argentina and is now retired after a successful career playing soccer in Italy. In his 11 year professional soccer career, he played in 269 games and scored 88 goals.Adrián Suar began his career as an actor, but soon changed to producer, and his group Pol-ka produced several telenovelas.He resumed his work as an actor in recent years, in films such as Un novio para mi mujer, Igualita a mí and Dos más dos, and theater plays such as El año que viene en el mismo lugar and La guerra de los Roses.She accepted, but still had doubts about him, and escaped from the wedding.

Félix got amnesia in an accident, which was exploited by Michelle to keep him as her husband.

Finally, Osvaldo made a decision to start a life with her.

He told those he surrounded himself with that he traveled back to Argentina because of a legal issue, but was really meeting Baron.

Shortly thereafter, they moved back to Argentina to start a life together when he signed to play for Boca Juniors.

Baron and Osvaldo dated for three years and even got a buffalo with their names tattooed on them.“We got married in Las Vegas,” Baron said to

Both Aurora and Ingrid got pregnant of Juan at the same time; Aurora did not mention it when she heard Ingrid say it first.