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Abonar, v., to make good, to allow, to credit ; to subscribe, to -(1696) Abo] SPANISH-ENGLISH DICTIONARY [Acá stand for ; to indemnify, to compensate ; to manure. Abonanzar, v., to become calm, to clear up (the weather).

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There is likewise some confusion between the prefixes " ex " and " es," and one often meets with estraño for extraño, estranjero for extranjero, etc. Abono, m., allowance, security, credit, receipt ; subscription ; season-ticket ; dimg, manure. (a), to board (a ship), to run into, to come up to. In the pre- sent work it has been deemed expedient to include many such important words ; and in cases where they are purely local, or South-American, a note to that effect has been given. Moreover, it frequently happens that words which are first introduced by commercial men are admitted into the language in course of time. Acabado, a., finished, accom- plished ; in., finish.

Acanalar, v., to make a groove, to ñute, to corrugate.

If such words were excluded entirely from a commercial dictionary, this would lose much of its practical utihty and value as a reference.

Some words are used in commerce, par- ticularly with the Spanish Americas, which are not recog- nised by the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy.

Many of these adapted words are included in the present work and, in most cases, are italicised to show that they are not recognised Spanish words.

\\'ith vocabularies, tables, etc., and general_rules on pronunciation. The Eng Ush word " stock " is extensively used by Spaniards in commerce, and is some- times spelt stok ; but their own word existencia is more general.

Line 4 1st 31 53 2nd 2 70 1st 21 112 „ 34 223 „ 6 281 2nd 19 288 321 20 11 12 Acoger. v." read " v." For "Cénit" read " Cenit." Contrafianza. For " española " read " española." 157 OMISSION 2nd Penultimate line .