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Games to play while camping adults

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Divide everyone into teams of two and place a balloon on the ground in front of each pair. The object of the game is to pick the balloon up, then pop it between the two people, but without using any hands!

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Coleman paintball gear is also a fun choice for adult outdoor entertainment. Be prepared with lots of napkins for this adult camping game. Things That Go Bump in the Night This camping game for adults is so much fun that you may want to invite your neighboring campers to join in!Points are allotted according to which rung the throwing balls land on.To start this hilarious game, you will need to mark out a small circle on the ground using sticks, stones, or whatever you have lying around your camp. She (or he) crouches in the circle while the other players walk around it.Popping Crazy Before the game, write a selection of crazy actions on strips of paper, like ? You need at least 4 people, but the game is more fun the more people involved. Put each action inside a separate balloon and blow them up.Statues can move through the dark, but must be completely quiet.

The curator should have the flashlight and he and the visitor will walk around trying to catch the statues moving.

So without further ado, here are some fun games you should try on your next camping trip: This game is extremely compact, making for easy travel and loads of fun.

This hilarious game allows for tons of laughter and many players.

You will need a flashlight and should play at night with all your camping lanterns off.

Designate one person as the curator and another as the visitor, everyone else is a statue.

Camping is a fun experience that you can try with all sorts of people including your family and friends.