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Gaffar market delhi online dating

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Growing aspirations of the middle class and the dream of upgrading to latest technology have fuelled second-hand sale and spurred the growth of the used electronic market.While the organised trade accounts for 5 per cent of the total volumes of sales, the unorganised trade accounts for the remaining 95 per cent.

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Call it a grey market if you want, but for several decades now it has been a popular one-stop-shop for those searching ‘imported’ goods at less than the actual prices.

No Bill, No Cry Similarly, Play Station 3 (PS3) — the most recent gizmo for video game lovers — was available at Gaffar a month before its official launch in India.

According to a shop owner, “Gaffar Market is a place for those who do not look for bills or guarantees, but like to stay ahead”.

I bought it for Rs 37,000, which is much less than the actual price, and I am not bothered about the bill,” says a buyer who have come all the way from Meerut.

Cheap Chinaware The market is also popular among the youngsters.

Industry Scenario India’s electronic second-hand market has got on the bandwagon too and has been pretty busy of late and while most of the big e Commerce companies, along with few start-ups, now offer an exchange program for used gadgets, the truth is that they are latecomers to a party that got started a decade back.