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G1 not updating

g1 not updating-20

Next add a Run Command Line step and reference the BIOS update package you created earlier for that model.In the Command line for older BIOS updates that use hpq specify the command hpq -s.

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He hangs out with Daniel; they're kindred spirits and such, Causing all sorts of trouble with their mischievous touch!Also note that if you try to update a HP BIOS and you have bitlocker enabled there is a suspend bitlocker switch which I haven’t needed to use. Here is a link to the HP BIOS Configuration Utility Guide which also explains how you can you generate a file if required.I have my enable TPM / Import REPSET file steps before my Update BIOS steps in my task sequence.As mentioned before I have my update steps after my BIOS REPSET import settings step (which enables the TPM etc).This occurs after the PC has rebooted following the Setup Windows and Config Mgr step.One day, the Dinobots came in search of their friends, So Wheelie offered to help the dinos meet their ends.

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For older models that use Hpq the contents should look like this: And for newer models that use the contents should look like this: Once this has been completed, create a package for each BIOS update without a program and distribute them to your DP’s.

Now add some update BIOS steps to your Task Sequence.

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