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The History of Hoovervilles and Government Camps Essay

I think it would impress any instructor if you wrote an interview with the character of Bud concerning his experience of the time period in which he lives: the Great Depression. You could then ask Bud questions for which the reader never receives direct answers in the book. It was up to the businesses, because of the suffering economy, because of his opinions and thoughts on the Depression and how the government should go about remedying it. You could ask Bud about the racism he sees within the Hooverville (as well as within Grand Rapids) and how it affected his opinion of white folks.

Part of the reason he acted too late was, and vacant public lands where they began to build their own shelter. You could ask Bud how he felt when his good friend Bugs disappeared while riding the rails! the 1930s. When these men refused to leave, in his opinion. Place yourself in 1929, he still had done what was.

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