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Fun dating things to do

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Working side by side with your teen that involves sacrifice for the benefit of another will elevate your relationship.

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As long as you are in good health, get out there with your teen and have a blast. For fifteen years I spent week after week creating nights of fun activities for teens.A few things I observed about teenagers is they love to laugh, play, experience adventure, and be heard.Host a game night at your house if your teens are willing.Get a great spread of food and play Family, Mafia (although I personally like a similar game called The Werewolves of Millers Hollow even better), Catch Phrase, Over the Mountain, Four on the Couch, Three on the Couch (completely different game), Two Truths and Lie, or Pictionary Down The Lane.As someone who has lived in Jakarta for 11 months, I’ve learned how very little information exists about tourist attractions here.

And that’s especially true if you don’t speak Indonesia.

Grab some food, laugh at the gutterballs, and cheer for each others’ strikes.

The whole point is to spend meaningful time with your kid.

In the past few months I’ve done a lot to branch out and explore more of this crazy city.

And I’ve been trying my best to visit as many of Jakarta’s top tourist attractions as possible before I move on from this city.

Located right next to Monas is the National Museum.