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We forgot it all, and so has everyone else in the world. Here's what I don't get about this scenario: Who's going to hear the tapping? For those of you who haven't checked in on my DFN AOH group, new pics and clips were posted in the past few weeks. I've been in a position where I had to stay up on my toes.

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Tied between two trees and burnt like the American Indian method is bats. There are other forms of execution or torture by burning.That's more like a "roasted over an open fire" scenario. The fire is big enough that she'll be feeling plenty of heat and smoke from even a few feet higher, and she'll kick and struggle even longer that way, which will prolong her suffering. I thought that was a rotator motor that made it turn.I would have thought you, of all people, would know the difference. You did such a great job why ruin the fun by a retracting post? BP wrote: I'm thinking that a 'Death Trap' is one where the death comes when the victim gives up. If she can hang on, she'll get to live for an indefinite period of time.-------------------- Arcas: Thanks again for your creative contributions. It does take time to create a good image and I don't have a whole lot of that to spare.I did upload a few rather tame efforts, depicting my own personal fantasy, on my deviant ART page (williej999), which nobody has yet viewed nor commented upon.Some of the other examples you mentioned are variations of BATS...close, but still not quite the same thing.

I'll use this post as an excuse to post a picture of a true BATS...

However, I remain unbowed, inspired by your masterpieces and will continue to persevere until I have reached some basic level of competence Your devoted novice, Willie Two comments. I think we need to see more of the girl who is attacked by the crawling dick. Scrolling down and seeing the different pictures posted today, I think Turkey should be banned at Thanksgiving! I'm thinking that a 'Death Trap' is one where the death comes when the victim gives up.

Bill K: That's not technically a BATS artwork, since there's no stake. The fun there would be that sooner or later her leg muscles will give out and that starts the death.

I see this as an investment in the future of GIMP flicks made to suit my tastes.

Just visitied the campaign site and it says there are 6 hours to go. But I do like these images recently posted by our friend Covers.

But if she moves her feet, she'll not only hurt herself, but strangle and die because of the rope around her neck. Watching her futilely struggle until she eventually strangles is a sadistic thrill.