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I got a vintage bottle, gift from my parents for my birthday in 1994.

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My vintage bottle got YSL perfume corps label on it, probably one of the first formulations. I was able to find an affordable one from the mid 90s, similar to the tall bottle above.The exquisite synthesis of notes is so much more than the sum of their parts. She is the matriarch of all spicy Oriental perfumes. You must have refined tastes and enjoy the finer things in life. When it first came out, oh so long ago, it must have been groundbreaking. Here's the deal: Nowadays, Opium will never seduce a man from the younger generations unless he's into gilfs.For decades, Opium has been claimed by grandmas, great aunties, schoolmarms, and church ladies. I can always identify it on the rare occasion someone else is wearing it. Then the notes start to sing, spices and woods and lots of clover and cinnamon. Vintage Opium EDT has got to be one of the top 10 fragrances of all time, at least to my nose that has sniffed somewhere in the realm of over 1,000 perfumes. It was a blind buy for me but I just realized how lucky I am. The most prominent at first in this one is the incense and resins, and a dusty, almost old orange (it works here).Now everytime I see these plasticy fakey fake impostor "Opium" bottles I get visibly angry. This one is feminine, strong, spicy, i smell clove, pepper and other spices, incense, sandalwood... I hadn't worn this since the early 80's and was recently brought a bottle and I am happy to say it has lost none of its charm.

Im just waiting for the day when someone in store tries to tell me that today's Opium is the same as my beloved Opium. Musky, spicy and sensual, I have been seeing some comments saying the formula has changed and it doesn't smell quite the same now, personally I didn't notice myself.

The sandalwood is soft and rich, lashings of radiant opoponax are hypnotic and spiritual.

The transition has a cooling effect, rather the reverse of a traditional warming on the skin and drydown. Opium is adorned with bushels of soft, spicy carnations in the drydown, accented with seductive jasmine and a hint of rose.

- im crying i cant stand youthdew either, so maybe theres a connection there with the vintage opium that the now reformulated opium doesnt have. i cant believe i got kicked out of the oriental And every time I look at the bottle it makes me sad, even if I wear this perfume only exceptionally. One day I´ll deeply miss this excellent composition of smoky and heavy incense, piquant carnation & plenty of spices and resins. With this characteristic scent I feel myself stronger and determined.

I very it usually on days when I know I have a hard negotiation with strong business men.

But I thought it was the most heavenly scent in the world, somewhere between our Orthodox church and our local baclava bakery. Even now, in my late thirties and much more assertive, I still don't think I can carry this one off. If anyone has an old bottle that needs a new home, or if anyone out there could send me a sample, that would be greatly appreciated! Tango Dancer Cologne All Hail Opium The endless review for this masterpiece speak for themselves. I have shoddy memory sometimes) the YSL fashions were pretty unisex in confident women's pant suits, jumpsuits and sexy oversized blouses.