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Essentially, the project allows students to understand propaganda by making their own propaganda film.This simulation demonstrates some common symptoms of dyslexia.

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With this book you can walk into any classroom and start the class off.In this issue, I read the the Citizen Science section article, “It All Adds Up.” It was written by Jill Nugent.The article describes how middle school students and teachers can get involved in the Citizen Science Project – “Wild Cam Gorongosa” to identify wildlife from trail cam images found in the park.You are given 60 seconds to read a paragraph aloud.The letters in this paragraph are reversed, inverted, transposed, and spelling is inconsistent.For more information, please visit: The ingredients we need in the recipe 2 create an outstanding middle school are evident. Learning cycles are the blueprint to student learning. We digitized and diligently proofread them with the help of thousands of volunteers.

Must have the most committed, passionate, knowledgeable cooks in the kitchen and support them as they work, experiment, and innovate 4 change! Did you hear about the guy who invented Lifesavers? What do you call a factory that sells passable products? Thoughtful consideration of instructional models such as the 5E can guide teachers in structuring learning cycles in such a way as to optimize learning. Admin need 2B out there in the hallways, classrooms, cafeteria–& setting a positive tone (not just reinforcing rules). Second Life was supposed to be the future of the internet, but then Facebook came along.

If the Standards are like a tree, then microstandards are like twigs.

You can’t build a tree out of twigs, but you can use twigs as kindling to burn down a tree.”Looking to cover current events next school-year, or need some ideas on how to tackle controversial issues?

He drives the old lady out of harm’s way, he is a hero after all.

You stay with the perfect partner of your dreams and everybody lives happily ever after.

Students started the class by reading about the anti-communist fervor of the 1950s and Mc Carthyism.