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Free sex role play chat room

Finally, I place a strap across your forehead to make certain you can’t even move your head.You look so enticing to me as look down for just a moment at my handy work.

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I turn an hourglass over and point to the sand slowly moving from the top to the bottom.When you nervously nod your head I guide you to the bondage table and begin to fasten the restraints. Strong leather restraints you won’t be able to get out of.One across your lower stomach, one around the middle and one across your torso including your wrists and arms.Nude and vulnerable but for the leather restraints and the hood over your face.I smile to myself and walk to the table, knowing that you can hear the click-clacking of my high heels on the stone floor.I see you curling your toes and scrunching your soles in anticipation, your hands curl into fists, all signs that you are bracing yourself for the pain and pleasure you imagine that is to come.

Smiling to myself I look down at the two items in my hand, it’s time to play with you now, the mind fuck already begun…… The Sassy One, Hannah 866-930-0008 X 307 Twitter & Tumblr Naughty Blogs Here Your girlfriend is sleeping while you are watching late night tv.

The curve of her hips astounds you and makes you weak.

You invite her into her living room even though your girlfriend is sleeping in the bedroom.

Starting January 1st, a Super Bowl pool will be open to all callers. Sydney Three words cause such an effect on your body.

Numbers will be drawn prior to the game and the prize is a free 15 minute call, with the girl of your choice, per quarter! You can not use existing prepaid time for this contest. Makes the blood rush through you and your heart pound. My plan is to tie you so tight that you are completely helpless and at my mercy.

An additional set is put just across the wrists and the arms to make sure you can’t wiggle at all.