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If the baby you are expecting is a girl then you wouldn't be considered for a 4 bedroom property as they can share until your elder daughter reaches 16.

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If you have 3 bedrooms wouldn't it make more sense for the 2 boys to share and your daughter have her own room? I think the reason that people think there is such a law is because of local council overcrowding guidelines. because of unrelated adults - who aren't in a relationship - having to share a bedroom, or because of opposite-sex older children having to share) then you get higher priority for a larger council house than another family which isn't considered to be living in overcrowded accommodation.If you have another girl, she could share with your 10 year old, and if you have a boy he could share with your 17 year old...the law is when the oldest is 10,i have a boy who is 15 next month and daughter of 4 and ive been on list for bigger house since she was born as my son was 10 when she was born and now 4 years later im still in the same room as my 4 year old and when I phone to see if they have anything there words are we will phone you when we have but as the law says its illegal so I think they are wrong and they are taking bedroom tax off people for extra rooms but what about people that need a extra room they should pay them for what they haven't got Possibly...However if you are in a 2 bedroom some boroughs say a living room can be used as a bedroom, so may tell you to get a sofa bed for yourself & your partner and give one bedroom to the two boys, and the other to the girl. This site is about ROLE PLAYING FANTASY only and all content is performed by professional actors and models. Unrelated children can share a room using those same rules.

The only time unrelated children cant share a room is if they are foster children under local authority care.

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I live in a housing association flat with 2 bedrooms and 3 children, my eldest is nearly 12 and he shares with his 6 year old brother and his 3 year old sister is still in with us!

We are not a high priority as we are only overcrowded by one bedroom so whatever the rules there is such a shortage of 3 bed social housing that it makes no difference really.

Bearing in mind there is a large age gap between your 17 year old and the baby (if its a boy) then as he is almost an adult it would be unreasonable to expect him to share with a screaming baby sibling!