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Who doesn't like a good rubdown from their partner?But if you're the giver, you get an additional benefit other than making your guy happy: burned calories.

Push-ups burn 171 calories in 30 minutes."You probably don't put much thought into undressing when you're getting intimate with your husband, but an Italian researcher looked into the matter and found that the mere act of taking one's clothes off burns about 8 to 10 calories."Try really slow sensual strokes, and position yourself so that you can use your body as well." Rocking your body against his and varying the pressure and frequency can help, too, she adds.A little dirty dancing—even with your clothes on—can be a workout for you and your husband.Check out the calorie-burning profile of each romantic activity below (based on the body weight of a 150-lb woman) along with tips from experts on ramping things up to maximize the amount of calories burned.Remember how, when you were first dating, you'd start locking lips and 30 minutes later you'd come up for air?Based on the hit Danish format, “Married at First Sight” is an extreme social experiment following six brave souls who are yearning for a life-long partnership as they agree to a provocative proposal: getting legally married the moment they first meet. Logan Levkoff; spiritualist, Greg Epstein; psychologist, Dr. Pepper Schwartz – will create what they believe are three perfect couples, based on scientific matchmaking.

The couples will never meet or know each other until they walk down the aisle and see each other face to face, for the first time, when they get married.

CMC proving the online appointment for patients who will coming from long distance or for the patients convenience.

Patients, Who have a appointment treated as outpatient or a day-case. Date and time of the appointment, Contact details of the hospital department, The name of the Doctor, Information about any tests you may need to have before your appointment, Information about any samples (urine, stool or medicines) you may have to bring with you on the day, Information about whether you can or cannot and Eat or drink before your hospital appointment and how long for and so on The outpatient or new patient who need to book the online appointment please visit below Patients booking appointment for both who have not come to CMC before and who do not have a CMC hospital number.

Sex—and smooching and snuggling and everything else on the spectrum—is great for your relationship and happiness, but intimate time with your sweetie is also terrific for your physical health.

Not only does that "loving feeling" get your heart rate up, it can burn some serious calories, too!

Don't just strip down in seconds, says Kinzbach; instead, "draw it out and make it part of your foreplay, while getting a great a workout going." Or undress to tease him, adds Gilda Carle, Ph D, a psychotherapist and relationship expert.