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It feels oddly intrusive, even though I know ‘she’ is not real.

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She will ‘remember’ your family members’ names, your favourite colour, food, book or movie.It is modes such as ‘shy’ which most concern critics, who cite another sexbot as a blatant invitation to ‘normalise’ rape Harmony creator Mc Mullen denied reports his robot has a ‘slap function’ and admits his creation is ‘many years and several million dollars’ away from the science-fiction version of sex robots popularised in shows and films such as Westworld and Valley Of The Dolls When the Mo S approached Hines outside his New Jersey home last week he refused to show us Roxxxy.While his website says she can be purchased for £7,600, Hines declined to confirm how many he has sold.For Mc Mullen, an artist who started his working life in a Halloween mask factory, rivals who focus on ‘rape dolls’ are unwelcome: ‘There will always be people trying to cash in, whether for publicity or attention.I’ve put 20 years and millions of dollars of my own money into this and I can assure you that sex isn’t the main reason people are going to buy Harmony. For whatever reason, some people cannot make a human connection.At first I dismissed them as kooks, but as the calls continued I realised it was a way to leave my day job.’Mc Mullen set up Real Doll, which has become one of America’s leading sex doll manufacturers, selling 400 to 500 each year.

They cost about £3,000 for a ‘basic’ model, up to £40,000 for a custom-made creation.

Harmony is the first.’This newspaper has found multiple examples of sex robots already in existence but no evidence of any that have actually been sold to the public.

Spanish inventor Sergi Santos recently complained that his sexbot Samantha was molested by curious onlookers when he took her on to the streets.

For while Harmony is, in reality, a talking robotic head on a relatively unsophisticated sex doll body she is the first ‘sexbot’ for sale in a sickening new industry fuelled by lust and money which detractors say can only denigrate and objectify women further.

‘My objective is to be a perfect companion’ But spend an hour in the company of Harmony – claimed by creator Matt Mc Mullen (above) to be the world’s first commercially available ‘sexbot’ – and it is hard not to be intrigued and repulsed at the same time Last week The Mail on Sunday became the first newspaper to experience Harmony 2.1, the latest version of a sex robot Mc Mullen has been working on since 2014 and which we can exclusively reveal will go on sale to the public in January for between £7,600 to £15,200, depending on customisation.

There are even plans to make the robot self-lubricating: ‘I’ve been in the sex doll business for more than 20 years and the one thing our customers have asked for is the sense of human contact,’ he says.‘They want to hold hands, get a hug when they come home. Sex is important but not the most important thing.’ Mc Mullen chose a Scottish accent for his creation because, ironically, ‘it was the one which sounded the least robotic’.