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As with Apple's app, users can simply tap on a friend's name from their address book and connect.As with Face Time interactions, Duo encrypts calls, so users don't have to worry about someone spying on their conversations.And as with Face Time, Duo automatically identifies people in users' address books who can be reached through the app.But while talking with my daughter, the video of me cut out when I turned off my wi-fi radio. My video resumed when I turned my wi-fi radio back on. Users of Google Talk could place video calls on their PCs eight years ago.Google Hangouts, which the company launched three years ago, allows users to connect on PCs and mobile devices and can be used for video conferences involving multiple people.If they've placed calls recently, they'll also see thumbnail pictures of the friends they've contacted on the home screen.

Those pictures act as buttons that allow them to make a quick follow-up video call. Like Apple's app, it's only used for calling; users can't send text messages through it.

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Recently the search giant released Duo, its new video calling app, and I gave it a test run.