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Free music lovers dating site

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Trouble is, I’m married, so I couldn’t exactly play it straight, in case (yes yes, staggeringly unlikely, I know) I got some actual attention. Parish told me the site’s users are predominantly indie-rock types: the most frequently selected artists are Radiohead, The Smiths, Arcade Fire, Animal Collective.

Some of us don’t even have personalities beyond our music taste.So I pretended to be into acts only a maniac could love: Jamiroquai, The Lighthouse Family, Son Of Dork, and Afroman of ‘Because I Got High’ fame.Around one in four relationships start online now, and among the millennial generation, the number is likely to be even higher.Taking your new amore on a music filled date will really make your date stand out.By creating an experience, you create a shared moment and this is bound to lead to a second, third and even more dates.“A lot of dating sites are boring,” says co-founder Alex Parish, a web developer and part-time musician. But with Tastebuds you have this easy route in.” Launched in summer 2010, the site now has 10,000 users, though Parish says he doesn’t know how many of those people – if any – have gone on actual dates after meeting on Tastebuds.

You can certainly see the mainstream potential, though the concept of music-powered dating raises a number of questions.

Can you base a relationship on a shared love of Esben And The Witch? Haven’t people always (well, since 2005-ish) used social media, especially Myspace and, to project their music tastes and meet new people?

I thought I’d sign up and find out if Tastebuds could be the social web’s next big thing, or just a clever gimmick.

The streets are filled with the latest beats and tons of bars with DJ’s playing music into the wee hours.

So don your short shorts, grab a whistle and get ready to shake your booty.

Sometimes you need a ticket but otherwise just rock up, grab a chair and listen to some sweet tunes. Summer outdoor concerts are great fun and can be found in your local newspaper.