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According to a survey of 2,000 drivers, almost 3 million (7 per cent) of UK motorists have been involved in a drink-driving related accident or near miss, with over a third (34 per cent) reporting this took place on a rural road – the highest percentage of any road type.The seven-speed auto box does tend to make decisions for you, ones you might not want to make, even in manual mode, but this is a thriller.Before 2016, the Jaguar F-Type (left) was the coupe to have.New drink and drug-driving stats have been revealed telling you where - and who - to avoid when out of the road this festive period.For the previous two years Crewe has been handed the shameful crown of the UK city with the highest rate of drink and drug-driving offences... The unwanted gong of drink and drug-driving UK capital this year goes to Sunderland.Drivers aged 25 to 29 saw the highest rate of offenders, with three per every 1,000 drivers.

In terms of occupations, mature students living at home are most likely to have a drink or drug driving conviction, with a staggering 28.5 per 1,000.

Money Supermarket's research also scrutinised the differences in drink- and drug-driving conviction rates by sex and age.

In the last 12 months, both genders have posted an increased rate of drink and drug-driving offences, though men are still more likely to have one of these convictions than women - 1.68 per 1,000 drivers compared to 1.20 respectively.

But in the last 12 months the arrival of the Porsche Cayman (middle) and Audi TT RS (right) has made that decision a whole lot more difficult.

That's why we've pitched all three against each other Inside, the TT RS feels that bit more special, spacious and manageable day-to-day.

Outside London, Luton also features in the bottom 10, as did Bolton, Exeter and St Albans.