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Indeed, several studies have found that much of the research about sexual orientation has failed to define the term at all, making it difficult to reconcile the results of different studies.However, the researchers noted an interesting observation: the more alcohol men drank, the more interested they became in the man in the video. Those who consumed over 10 alcoholic drinks were more likely to entertain the idea of gay sex just as much as having sex with a woman. Straight Women Turned On By Attractive Women Are Either ‘Bisexual Or Gay,’ Women’s sexual preferences tend to be a gray area.A 2011 study from Boise State University found 60 percent of heterosexual women admitted to being attracted to other women, while 45 percent had kissed another woman.Lesbians were seen as more “male-typical” in their arousal than women, meaning their responses seemed to align more with those of men, and were therefore distinct from other women. The United States of America is a highly medicated country: almost seven in 10 Americans take prescription drugs.That translates to 4.4 billion prescriptions and nearly $310 billion spent on medication in 2015.Overall, they expressed more sexual interest in the women, regardless of how much they had.

This coincides with previous research that concedes men tend to be more lax about casual sex with strangers.

Medical Daily – Many of us are all too familiar with the “beer goggles” effect: friends and strangers alike become more attractive after a drink or two.

Undoubtedly, drinking alcohol lowers our inhibitions and makes us more open to experimentation with the same sex.

However, most definitions include a psychological component (such as the direction of an individual's erotic desire) and/or a behavioural component (which focuses on the sex of the individual's sexual partner/s).

Some prefer to simply follow an individual's self-definition or identity.

Researchers recruited a total of 83 straight men and women who were bar hopping in the Midwest at night.