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Free dating site put away your credit card away

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This company is a scam and I advise everyone to check their bank statements and if you have had any money taken out of your account from helpdeskhgww Online Gb to call your bank immediately to cancel your visa card before they have a chance to steal more money from you and report them as a scam so no-one else can be ripped off.I would really appreciate it if you could help me out with this matter and inform the right people to let them know that they are stealing money.

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I ordered Sneakers from Sturm-Technologies which is a Shoe Website in the UK.I would like my money reimbursed please your web site took money from my debt card for 2 transactions , one was 19.99 and the second was for 36.41.i have not do anything to be charged and dispute and will contact my Andigo CU to not except these charges.on Host Transaction #: 1187ec585cd673e44e206b8f304e23e5bf7cf686 Host Transaction #: 4e55a9c520cd6aad310cd487769f4500ca4bfcb9 both on 1/2/18 My bank says the two charges I have from these bastards come from China, ergo the "CN" after each one on my statement.They are getting more and more complaints about this outfit all the time.I've had to cancel my visa card due to this matter.

I've had major neck and back surgeries and the stress of this matter has caused me severe pain and stress.

this showed up twice on my account ( CTBILL *Lottonlineltd 00001 40.82 USD @ 1.287100000000 ) and I have asked more then once for you to please stop charging me. Act as customer service to issue refunds to people who catch on to their statements so they don't get charge backs. Made me waste my time, but thats why you use a free checking account for online purchases to minimize loss of such time!

Said I made a purchase to "" Bunk site. Hello I bought two pairs of jordon's on November 27,2017 sizes 5.5 & 11 I have received only pair pair just one week ago size 5.5 where is the other pair I would like to get it I've paid for it already how can I find out what happened to the other pair?

My bank asked me if this was correct I didn’t realise they had changed the amount, looks like this is a fake site will see what bank say. Does anyone know or have dealt with a company calling themselves colorfulshopping, I purchased a sewing machine from them was sent email with shipping details .....since then nothing, unable to get onto their web site and yes your right no sewing machine ?

I got charged on my account for services I have never used or seen before.

I too just got a charge on my credit card for $89.96 from this same site.